Chapter News March 2021
A periodic newsletter for the membership of PRAM Central Chapter.
President's Message
Fellow PRAM Central members,

I hope everyone is staying safe and doing well in 2021! We are already near the end of the first quarter of the year, and we have some exciting activities in the works. With the vaccine roll-out and the daily cases of COVID-19 infections steadily declining, hopefully we have turned the corner on this pandemic. We are still planning on having virtual chapter meetings for the time being, but we do want to hear your feedback on when might be the right time to resume in-person meetings.

To share your opinions about that as well as other thoughts you might have about past and future programs, we encourage you to take a few minutes and complete the member survey which we’ve linked to below. Your input will help guide how we can best engage our membership this year.

Also in this newsletter, you can find information about two upcoming APR webinars that will be great resources for members who are interested in attaining their Accreditation in Public Relations. Both of these resources are free of cost to members, so this might be the perfect time to take your professional development to the next level.

Our next chapter meeting is set for Wednesday, April 28. In the meantime please reach out to me or any board member (Chapter Gmail Address) with any and all ideas for enhancing the value this chapter can provide to its membership. We hope to see you soon!

Matt Westerfield, APR
Member survey guides 2021 planning.
PRAM Central is grateful to all of our members for your commitment to the association throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and asks to hear from you. What were your experiences with virtual meetings in 2020 and how do you feel about moving forward in 2021?

Your feedback on the member survey will help guide decision-making for chapter meetings in 2021. Kindly respond by April 30. The survey should take no more than 10-12 minutes to complete.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Sophie McNeil Wolf, Vice President of Programs.
APR... You can bank on it!
PRSA banner about APR.
If you’ve been putting in the hard work and long hours, honing and perfecting your craft, hoping the boss will notice the next time there’s an opportunity to promote or diligently searching for that next awesome career opportunity…but getting nowhere fast, perhaps it’s time to take control of your future. Maybe it’s time to get your APR.

That’s Accreditation in Public Relations, not annual percentage rate. But it also has the power to affect your bank account, in a good way, of course.

The APR is the gold standard in the public relations field, signifying the “best of the best”. The credential:
  • certifies your drive, professionalism, principles and ethics,
  • sets you apart from your peers,
  • positions you as a leader and mentor in the competitive public relations field, and
  • demonstrates your knowledge of public relations strategy and best practices. 

The APR credential is also often valued and used as screening criteria for hiring and professional advancement. Research shows accredited public relations practitioners earn more money than their non-accredited counterparts. Many seek to earn the APR credential as part of their own professional growth goals.

Who is eligible? 
If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you are!
If you are a member of PRAM, employed in the professional practice of public relations or teach or administer public relations courses in an accredited college or university, you are eligible to seek accreditation. The Universal Accreditation Board recommends that anyone choosing to pursue accreditation has at least five years of professional experience in public relations.

What does it cost? 
The fee is $385. SPRF offers a $100 rebate for successful candidates as a member benefit if an employer does not cover the candidate’s cost or only covers part of the cost.

Where can I find out more? 
Reach out to Mara Hartmann, PRAM Central’s Career Coordinator, for help with any questions. Also find a wealth of information on PRSA’s website.
APR Webinar April 8
Are you asking yourself, “Why APR?” This webinar has the answer: The Value and Values of Accreditation: Why an APR for Your Career on April 8, 2–3 p.m. CST.
Elyse Hammett, APR, will lead a discussion about why APR is a game changer and then help individuals decide if they are a candidate for APR. Normally $200, this webinar is free for candidates who belong to a participating organization of the Universal Accreditation Board.

As a member of PRAM Central, you are also a member of the Southern Public Relations Federation, which is part of the UAB. Use the discount code WHYAPR21.
APR Workshop April 17
SPRF will offer a free APR First Steps workshop on Saturday, April 17 from 11 am to 1 pm. It’s free to members. A link will be sent to registrants prior to the event. Stay tuned for further information.
It covers:
  1. Completing the Candidate Questionnaire,
  2. Presenting Your Project and
  3. What You Need to Know for the Readiness Review. 
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