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We are proud to announce the upcoming release of our newly redesigned participant interface

on May 21, 2018.  
*To implement these changes, your GrassrootsHealth participant account will be offline for several hours this Friday, May 18 (evening, Pacific Time) with the potential for additional changes over the weekend.*
What is changing?
Not only is the new design easy to use, but it's also got some great improvements and features:  
Test Status Tracker: view the status of your blood spot test(s) right on your account Dashboard.  No more wondering if your sample has been received!

Science Matters: easy access to the latest research findings from an independent panel of the world's leading Scientific Experts.  
'Science Speak': translated for those who don't speak 'Science'. 
myQuestionnaire:  saved answers from previous questionnaires and additional notes will make answering the next questionnaires much quicker and easier!  

  • New sections make it easier to answer questions at your own time and pace - with the ability to skip ahead and see what has been completed and what is incomplete
  • No need to re-enter your health history diagnoses 
  • Track previously entered chronic pain from one questionnaire to the next

  • Notes to show previous entries for medication and nutrient intake
  • Simplified Omega-3 supplement section - no need to enter details about your supplement label
  • The option to say "No change since previously reported" for your supplement and sun exposure sections - so you don't need to re-enter the same data over again!

myStats: with an updated look to better display your data and where you fit in comparison with the rest of the group so you can make more informed decisions. 

We have already started capturing information about the various nutrients that people take; this feature has been greatly simplified, AND, we are already seeing associations, for example, between the vitamin D intake and magnesium intake and resultant vitamin D levels -- they're somewhat higher with magnesium than without.

The average vitamin D level is ~20% higher for 600+ vs 0 mg/day of magnesium

Our Nutrient Field Trials (of which D*action leads the way) are already being adopted by other nutrient companies who are ready to look at how nutrients interact and what the resultant health outcomes are.  We will soon be doing a large project with magnesium and another project with type 1 diabetes.  As you may have read, or, remember from Dr. Frank Garland's presentation , diabetes rates in Finland skyrocketed when their government lowered the recommended intake for infants and children.  We need more 'trials', but we need the massive population ones to test the health outcomes -- in all cases we work with, the safety trials have been done.  There is always room for more understanding of the biology, but in the meantime,
rapid implementation of what is known to be safe, effective and affordable should be done.   
Stay tuned! We're committed to our mission of empowering people with the information and tools needed to make critical choices for health. We will start sending you more quick updates on what we see as we go!

Please give us some feedback (next week) on how you see the new system! 
Have a beautiful, healthy day!

Carole Baggerly
Director, GrassrootsHealth
A Public Health Promotion & Research Organization
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Test, Don't Guess

  • For heart health your doctor takes cholesterol readings.
  • For weight management you stand on a scale.
  • For many sports you keep times and rates and try to improve.
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Recommended ranges  
Vitamin D 40-60 ng/ml
Omega-3 Index  ≥ 8%
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