Volume 10 | April 14, 2022
Baltimore Regional Housing Partnership Quarterly Newsletter
"I teach my children to approach the world with a grateful spirit. We don’t look down on or talk down to others and we show respect for all mankind."
- Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson
A message from the executive director
Championing the Housing Choice Voucher Program and affordable housing in our community
Dear partners,

We are four months into 2022 and have hit the ground running. We are busy at work preparing to launch both our Healthy Children Voucher Demonstration and Growing Assets and Income (GAIN) Program this summer. We are also welcoming new talent to the BRHP team to assist in the expansion of our work.

In this newsletter, you will read about some of the ways we are championing the Housing Choice Voucher Program and affordable housing development in our greater community. We are pleased to see progressive movement at the federal level for these efforts with the 2022 budget reflecting an increased investment and expansion of the Housing Choice Voucher Program with $200 million to support an additional 25,000 families, and an allocation of $25 million for a competitive grants program to support additional housing mobility programs.

The momentum for an expanded Housing Choice Voucher Program continues in budget planning for 2023, with HUD including a significant proposed expansion of the Housing Choice Voucher Program with 200,000 additional vouchers, along with $445 million for mobility-related services for work. With increasing instability in the rental market and an ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we are optimistic that our federal partners are prioritizing opportunities for people across the country to have access to supportive services and stable housing.

As we continue to navigate living with COVID-19, we kicked off the first quarter sharing our story on housing mobility support for housing as a social determinant of health at a national convening of health care professionals and advocates in Nashville. And, as we celebrate National Fair Housing Month this month, we have the exciting opportunity to engage with Sheryll Cashin whose research, as outlined in her new book White Space, Black Hood, aligns with our mission of combatting segregation. We hope you will join the conversation. Read about this and more in this newsletter. And, please consider making a contribution to our Summer Camp Assistance Program to help BRHP families send their kids to summer camp this year. As always, we appreciate your support and advocacy for inclusion, equity, and opportunity in all its forms.

Adria Crutchfield
Check out all that we accomplished in 2021 in our annual report
The impact a Housing Choice Voucher has on keeping families stably housed is undeniable. When paired with housing counseling and a focus on moves to high opportunity areas, the impact is tenfold. Marketplace recently interviewed our client, Kiarra. Listen to her story below:
What happens when a family finally gets off the housing...

Five years ago, Kiarra Boulware was earning minimum wage as a part-time administrative assistant and struggling to provide for her baby daughter, Brooklynn, when she applied to a program that provides rental assistance and counseling to...

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Helping to build the future of health care at RISE Summit on Social Determinants of Health
The RISE Summit on Social Determinants of Health is the place for cross-sectional thought leaders to discuss actionable, tactical, and scalable solutions to social determinants of health (SDoH) challenges and achieve better outcomes for the most vulnerable populations. The 2022 summit took place from March 20-22, and BRHP Executive Director Adria Crutchfield and BRHP Board Member Rachel Thornton, MD, PhD, presented on the Baltimore Housing Mobility Program and our Healthy Children Voucher Demonstration.
Backing the Red Maple Place affordable housing development in Baltimore County in March op-ed
Opinion: Baltimore County Needs Red Maple Place -...

Crutchfield is the executive director of the Baltimore Regional Housing Partnership and served on President Biden's HUD Transition Team. Coale serves on the BRHP Board of Trustees and is a land use and zoning attorney in Ellicott City.

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Up next
Join BRHP in Conversation with Sheryll Cashin on April 21
In the book White Space, Black Hood, Sheryll Cashin argues that the American residential system is an anti-Black caste system that is impeding the progress of the country. She contends that geography is central to maintaining residential castes and unpacks its history and current legacy in housing, policing, schools, and transportation. Sheryll leaves a call to action for the abolition of harmful state-sanctioned processes and the repair of impacted communities.
On April 21, the BRHP will be in conversation with Sheryll Cashin to discuss her new book as it relates to Baltimore and how fair housing advocates, property owners, community members, families with vouchers, and local leaders can do their part in the resistance of harmful policies and structures that continue to undermine Black lives. The event will take place from 6:30pm to 7:30pm.

Purchase White Space, Black Hood here.

About the Author:
Sheryll Cashin is an acclaimed author who writes about the U.S. struggle with racism and inequality. Her most recent book, White Space, Black Hood: Opportunity Hoarding and Segregation in the Age of Inequality, is about the role of segregation in reproducing inequality. Her books have been nominated for the NAACP Image Award for Nonfiction (2015), Hurston/Wright Legacy Award for Nonfiction (2005, 2009, and 2018), and an Editors’ Choice in the New York Times Book Review (2004). Cashin is the Carmack Waterhouse Professor of Law, Civil Rights and Social Justice at Georgetown University and an active member of the Poverty and Race Research Action Council. A contributing editor for Politico Magazine, she has also written commentaries for the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, Salon, The Root, and other media. Follow her on Twitter (@sheryllcashin).
Help us send more kids to summer camp this year!
Like many families, BRHP families are making plans to send their kids to summer camp this year. Every year, BRHP allocates funds to a Summer Camp Assistance Program to support families with payment of camp. While our budget supports some families, with over 4,300 families in our program, we need the support of generous supporters to assist more families and send more kids to camp.

Summer camp can afford kids the opportunity to make lifelong memories, learn new skills, and expand their social networks. Help us give the gift of camp!
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BRHP | Careers

BRHP is a mission-driven organization that has created better life outcomes for thousands of families through housing mobility and intensive counseling to disrupt the cycles of intergenerational poverty. We believe in the right of all families to ...

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Who we are looking for:

Grants Coordinator
Program Training Specialist
Rental Assistance Associate
Wealth Building Coach
Housing Choice Voucher Leasing Supervisor
Customer Experience Specialist
Human Resources/Payroll Generalist
Temporary Housing Inspector
Pre-Counseling Supervisor
Temporary Housing Support Specialist
Lead Data and Operations Analyst
Counseling Director
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Get help with your taxes
Free Tax Assistance | Financial Education - CASH...

The RELIEF Act includes direct payments for low to moderate income Maryland taxpayers who claimed and received the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) on their 2019 Maryland State Tax Return.Learn more and see if you qualify by clicking here for more ...

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Baltimore City has a new water bill discount program - Water4All
Water4All | City of Baltimore

What is Water4All? Water4All is a new water billing discount program designed to create more equitable access to water assistance for more Baltimore City residents.

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What we are reading
Why betting solely on inclusionary zoning to create...

Like many places across the country, Maryland residents are navigating a housing crisis. A 2020 report commissioned by the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development (MDHCD) reported a shortage of 85,000 affordable apartments in...

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Effects of concentrated LIHTC development on surrounding ...

LIHTC developments have mostly positive spillover effects on surrounding property values. * The positive effects of LIHTC developments remain strong over many years. * Effects are strongest in communities with lower incomes. * Subsequent LIHTC...

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Expanding Federal Support for Tenant Organizing in...

A PRRAC & NHLP Policy Brief. Excerpt:"Voucher participants should have a right to organize, just as HUD has provided in the public housing and project-based rental assistance housing programs. HUD should promulgate tenant organizing regulations...

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Fannie Mae Introduces Initiative to Increase Housing...

Fannie Mae has launched an initiative to expand the availability of multifamily units that accept federal Housing Choice Vouchers (HCVs). Its Expanded Housing Choice initiative, which will start in North Carolina and Texas for 12 months, will...

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The Baltimore Regional Housing Partnership (BRHP) helps families with low incomes, who have historically been excluded from housing in neighborhoods of their choice, access and transition successfully to safe, healthy, and economically vibrant communities. Since becoming the formal administrator of the Baltimore Housing Mobility Program, which couples Housing Choice Voucher administration with counseling supports, BRHP has helped over 5,000 families with young children improve their quality of life as they search for new homes.