Thursday, May 25, 2023

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Washington's Long-Term Care Program Still Flawed
Published by the Kitsap Sun, May 24, 2023
Guest Column by Kris Johnson, Association of Washington Business

Brace yourself. Your paycheck in July will probably be a little smaller.

That’s when the state will begin collecting premium payments for its long-term care insurance program, called WA Cares. Employers and employees might be feeling déjà vu. In January 2022, the payroll tax briefly went into effect before it was paused for 18 months so legislators could make changes to the new program.

While the delay was welcome, we urged legislative leaders to use the time to address the program’s many flaws. Unfortunately, the Legislature adjourned this session without addressing major issues with WA Cares. Now, most employees in Washington will need to begin paying the tax, which is 0.58% of wages, starting July 1.

5 Tactics Managers Can Use to Empower Teams
Published on, May 15, 2023
Photo: Huseyin Bostanci/Getty Images

Robert Glazer is a bestselling author, founder and board chairman of Acceleration Partners, and host of the Elevate podcast. Glazer was also named to Glassdoor’s list of Top CEO of Small and Medium Companies in the U.S., ranking number two.

Here, Glazer shares five key insights from his new book, Elevate Your Team: Empower Your Team to Reach Their Full Potential and Build a Business That Builds Leaders

6 Problem-Solving Techniques That Will Help You Run a Better Business
Courtesy of the U.S. Chamber, May 2023
Photo: Getty Images/10'000 Hours

Small business owners face problems of all shapes and sizes during the course of the workday. Whether it’s resolving a customer service issue or managing inventory, problem-solving is a critical skill for most merchants. And, fortunately, it’s a skill that you can hone with practice and the right approach. Try these problem-solving techniques to run your business smoothly.

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