March 24, 2022
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Advertising Pay Ranges May Help in Hiring
Just about four years ago Washington State enacted the Equal Pay and Opportunities Act in an effort to promote equal pay for equal work, equal career advancement opportunities, open wage discussions and more. The act was amended in 2019 to require employers to provide salary ranges on positions after they’ve made an offer to a candidate — once the candidate had requested that information. These regulations apply to transfers and promotions as well, not just new hires. Adding to this, the ban on asking for pay history from applicants also went into effect in 2019.

Employers of 15 or more people will now need to disclose the hourly pay rate or salary, or a pay range, along with anything else (general description, benefits and other compensation) offered in a job posting. Gone is the requirement that the candidate or employee must request that information. It will now be included as part of a job ad.


5 Wellness Ideas for
Your Business
Whether your team works from home or in an office, whether you are a business of one or one hundred and one, taking care and making time for wellness is becoming increasingly important. Stress levels because of what’s going on in the world around us are increasing. You may not even be aware of the outside stress someone is under.

Making sure you create an atmosphere where wellness is stressed and made a priority is critical to successful performance. Stressed out employees make more mistakes and have difficulty making good decisions. 


WA Hospitality Association:
What You Need to Know

April 7, 2022, 8:00 am Joint Chamber Event
Please join the Bremerton and Silverdale Chambers as we host "Coffee with the Commissioner" on Thursday, April 7th. Commissioner Ed Wolfe will be sharing a State of the County update and will be discussing important issues for Central Kitsap businesses including: homelessness, police reform, affordable housing and Kitsap County business licensing.
 Coffee with the Commissioner
@ McCloud's Grill House
Bremerton, WA
This is a free event for all
Chamber members!
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