March 31, 2022
Special Edition: Kitsap Business Survey
The Chambers have been asked by
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Results will be shared with state and federal lawmakers, the Kitsap Chambers and the public at large to help us all better understand the needs and challenges of our business communities.
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State's $500,000 Grant Launches Innovation
Originally published in the Kitsap Business Journal on March 8, 2022, KEDA's Executive Director, Joe Morrison, breaks down what an economic cluster grant could do for the Kitsap business community.

As I write this, the Kitsap Economic Development Alliance (KEDA) is in the final stages of signing a $500,000 contract. We are set to receive a two-year grant to launch an innovation cluster in autonomous and unmanned water vehicles.

Let’s break it down a little — and talk a little bit about economic clusters, entrepreneurship and innovation, and why it’s important communities and economies are aspirational.

Economic clusters date back to 1890, when English economist Alfred Marshall first described them as a "concentration of specialized industries in particular localities.” The general idea is that firms in the same industry gain a variety of synergies when they locate near each other.

Business Owners:
Is It Really Time We
Are Managing?
Many busy business owners complain that there is “never enough time” to get it all done. If we get honest, any of us who own businesses often feel that there is still way too much of our to-do list when we fall into bed at night.

It’s not a good feeling either. If you are one of those that have your schedule dialed in and are enjoying the state of feeling in control of your life and schedule then you are ahead of the pack.

The majority of business owners I speak with are really struggling…


Senator Murray Urges Senate to Pass Restaurant and COVID Relief

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