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Potluck Shabbat Dinner - Breakfast!

Friday, July 12 at 6:30 pm

Breakfast food is the ultimate comfort food, and the perfect thing to get us ready for Shabbat! Bring a breakfast item you love and join us! Please RSVP to events@mynertamid.org.

Open House

"Bringing Sunshine to Others"

Sunday, July 13 from 12:00-2:00 pm

Join us for an Open House! We'll have fun projects for kids, summertime treats, and we'll be writing cards to kids at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. Everyone is welcome, whether you're new to our community, or you've been

around for a while, or anything in between! Please

RSVP to membership@mynertamid.org.

Dine and Discuss

Friday, July 26 at 6:30 pm

Member Spotlight: Sue and Larry Goldstein

In this edition of Chai Lights, we are excited to spotlight two cherished members of our community, Sue and Larry Goldstein. Their story is one of enduring love, family bonds, and a commitment to giving back.

A Love Story Spanning Six Decades

Sue and Larry Goldstein have been married for an incredible 58 years, celebrating their anniversary on June 12th. They met in their early twenties and have been inseparable ever since. Sue recently celebrated her 80th birthday, a milestone marked by the love of her family and friends. Together, they have three children: Andrew, Michael, and Robert. Their family has grown to include seven grandchildren, all of whom bring immense joy to Sue and Larry’s lives.

A Move to Atlanta

Originally from Staten Island, New York, the Goldsteins moved to Atlanta in 2010. The decision was driven by their desire to be closer to their children and grandchildren, who are also members of CNT. The sense of community and family support was a significant factor in their relocation, and they have never looked back.

Involvement with CNT

The Goldsteins have been proud members of CNT for 14 years. Their dedication to the community is evident through their volunteer work. Sue and Larry have been active in various committees, including the Ritual, Finance, and Building committees. They have also served as librarians for the Religious School and taught Mahjong classes, contributing to the vibrant community life at CNT.

Cherished Memories

When asked about their favorite memories at CNT, Sue and Larry fondly recall watching the children grow up within the community. They cherish the Friday night Shabbat services, socializing at onegs, and the joy of meeting new members. These moments have enriched their lives and strengthened their connection to CNT.

Hobbies and Interests

Sue and Larry lead a fulfilling life with a variety of hobbies. Sue enjoys crocheting, creating beautiful blankets for friends and family. She also loves playing Mahjong. Larry, on the other hand, has a passion for making stained glass. Together, they enjoy tai chi, gardening, and most importantly, spending quality time with their children and grandchildren.

Dreams and Aspirations

If they were to come into a significant amount of money, the Goldsteins would continue their spirit of giving. They would donate to CNT, purchase new furniture, give generous gifts to their children, and perhaps try their luck with lottery tickets. When asked what they would like to be remembered for, Larry hopes to be known as "Mr. Fixit," always helpful, while Sue wishes to be remembered as a nice person and a dedicated volunteer.

Olympic Aspirations

In a fun twist, we asked what sport they would compete in if they were in the Olympics. Larry sees himself as a javelin thrower, while Sue dreams of being an ice skater. These answers reflect their playful and adventurous spirits.

A Simple and Fulfilling Life

When pondering what they would do if money and time were no object, Sue and Larry simply want to continue living their current lifestyle. Their contentment with the simple life, surrounded by loved ones, speaks volumes about their values and priorities.

Sue and Larry Goldstein are pillars of our CNT community. Their story is a testament to love, family, and the power of giving back. We are grateful for their contributions and the warmth they bring to our congregation. Here’s to many more years of happiness and community with the Goldsteins!

We Stand with Israel

We are horrified by the unprovoked attacks on Israel. We have witnessed the country that holds a unique place in hearts subjected to rocket and terror attacks. Hundreds have been killed, taken hostage or are missing in inexcusable acts of aggression. Our hearts weep for all the innocent people of the region affected by these terror groups. We pray for the safe return of innocent hostages and the forces of peace to bring calm and safety to this Holy Land.  We stand in solidarity with our Israeli brothers and sisters and all those affected by these acts of violence and terror. 


Israel needs us. Please donate to the Jewish Federation of Atlanta-Israel Emergency Campaign. To donate:



Rabbi Joseph Prass

Religious School Principal: Rob Goldstein


President: Julie Segal

Vice President: Bari Tuman

Secretary: Johanna Kohler

Director of Finance: Michael Gutenstein

Director of Communications: Kristine Goldstein

Director of Education: Rob Goldstein

Director at Large: Jonathan Herbst

Director at Large: Brian Katz

Director at Large: Matt Berenson

Thank You

We gratefully acknowledge recent donations

and pledges from the following families:

Joe Ann Hawley

In memory of William H Hawley


General Fund

Your donation means a great deal to us.


On June 22 several of us spent a wonderful afternoon at the Smith-Gilbert Gardens and Butterfly exhibit!

On Friday, June 28th, Congregation Ner Tamid honored Bryan Underwood, Deputy Community Security Director for Secure Community Network/Jewish Federation, for his unwavering dedication to keeping our community safe. Over his two-year tenure, Bryan consistently communicated with CNT leadership, kept us informed of various updates, provided essential safety training, conducted security assessments, and consulted on our FEMA NSGP application, among many other significant contributions.

As Bryan and his family relocate for a new career opportunity, we wish him Mazel Tov and express our heartfelt appreciation for his service. He will be greatly missed.



3 Kelsey Womeldorf

5 Pamela Lustgarten

8 Selia Kelly

10 Emily Lembeck

10 Maryanne Herbst

12 Fatima Alalof

13 Jacob Kohler

27 Bari Tuman


2 Bari Tuman & Patrick O'Krongly


Please keep the following friends and family

in your prayers for a return to health:

Erin Baker * Michael Baskin *Kevin Belcher

Michelle Belcher * Gary Blum * Sandra Boyer

Sarah Broadus * Jim Cyganek * Teri Davis

Barry Dolgow * Lisa Edmond * Bill English

Robyn Gandleman * Daniel Goldman

Andrew Goldstein * Dana Goldstein * Sylvia Handel

Erin James * Shelli James * Mel Krupnick

Paula Krupnick * Eden Lazarus * Loida Levy

Pam Lustgarten * Arnold Meyer * Jeff Meyer

Wendy Meyer * Carol Milsen * Earl Morris

Steve Murphy * Sandra Pruitt * Zulma Rosenfeld

Brian Rudolph * Leonard Schwartz * Lydia Simmons

Charles Solomon * Meredith Soree * Cat Tuman

Zac Tuman * Tracy Wade * Stephanie Waldeck

Mak Yost

We pray for the safe return and recovery of the hostages still held in Gaza.


We remember those who passed away this year:

Barry Napshin (father of Stu Napshin)

Morris Pech (father of Heather Pacin)

Frances Gilman Saperstein (grandmother of Kelsey Womeldorf, great grandmother of Mabry)


With fondness and affection we remember

those whose Yahrzeits are in July:

Bernice Baron (aunt of Robin Flake)

Arlene Baskin (mother of Eric Baskin)

Aaron Blum (father of Sue Goldstein)

Timothy Bryson (father of Geoffrey Bryson)

Sol Cohen (uncle of Mel Krupnick)

Bill Crowley (father of Kristine Goldstein)

John Fenton (step-father of Jen Seitel)

Julie Fenton (mother of Jen Seitel)

Norman Herbst (father of Jonathon Herbst)

Madelyn Krupnick (sister-in-law of Mel Krupnick)

Yerachmiel Milikovsky (father of Reuven Milikovsky)

Jules Rosenfeld (uncle of Joe Rosenfeld)

Ronald Smith (brother of Paula Krupnick)

Yehi zichronam l'vracha - May their memories be for a blessing; may they rest in peace. Amen. 

Observe the tradition of giving tzedakah (charity) to commemorate the annual Yahrzeit of a loved one's passing by making a donation in their memory. CLICK HERE to donate. To purchase a plaque in memory of your loved ones, please 

contact Michael Gutenstein.


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