Parshat Tzav/Shabbat Parah 5784 • March 29, 2024

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Rabbi Asher Nemes

As parents and educators, we know how eager our children are when we ask them to clean up after themselves (maybe not, but I’m always hopeful the next time will be different). This leads to wonder about a very perplexing mitzvah: the mitzvah of

Terumat Hadeshen. Each morning, a kohen would go up to the mizbe’ach, take a shovelful of ash, and place it on the side of the mizbe’ach. Several aspects of this mitzvah are perplexing: that there is a mitzvah to clean up some of the ashes on the

mizbe’ah, that the ashes were simply taken off the mizbe’ach and put on the floor next to it, but most puzzling is that the kohanim showed such eagerness to fulfill this mitzvah that the gemara records incidents of kohanim racing to fulfill Terumat Hadeshen, only to injure each other in the process. What is it about Terumat Hadeshen that makes it such a special mitzvah?



March 29, 2024/ 19 Adar 2 5784

Parshat Tzav/Parshat Parah

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Yonatan E

Avi G - Avraham Yaakov ben Emunah Elisheva

Eitan K - Eitan Chanoch ben Chava Keren

Daniel K - Daniel Tzvi ben Miriam Katana

Max K - Zvi Avraham ben Sarah Fruma

Jake K - Yaakov Yitzhak ben Michal 

Yaffa M

Yossi N - Yosef Yehuda ben Ariella Esther

Yoni N - Yona Pesach ben Ariella Esther

Matt N -  Chaim Tzvi ben Adina 

Eitan N - Eitan ben Anat

Jaques P

Josh S - Yehoshua Avraham Ben Zev

Cobi S - Akiva Menachem ben Tziril Krindle

Ari T - Ari Meir ben Golda Miriam

Davidee W - Dovid Shabbos ben Yissochor Dov and Ahuva Sara

Ami Z - Nuchum Amnon Shlomo ben Leah Nechama

Sophie Z- Zahava Tzofiya bat Leah Nechama

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The ECC does so much on Fridays to prepare for Shabbat both in their classrooms and all together. One of those ways is "making challah." Whenever the ECC begins their day on Friday with making challah, the kids are so excited to be able to squish the dough and shape their own challah to take home and share with their family on Shabbat! The rest of the school gets to enjoy the amazing aroma! Thank you to Mrs. Berlin and the ECC teachers for preparing the dough!

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Morah Rachel spoke about doing mitzvot with excitement - zrizut to our Kindergartners!! The class started learning about בדיקת חמץ and made bags to collect their 10 pieces of chametz. But first, they wiped down their tables as they will be doing any time they are working on Pesach projects.

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At our annual Shushan Purim carnival, our Middle Schoolers take charge of running all of the stations, face painting, and overall engaging and encouraging our younger students! ( and sometimes even dressing like each other!!)

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Our goal in these sessions is to both provide a Torah context to help students think about the role of sexuality in a Torah life and to make sure that our students have a clear, factual and healthy understanding of sexual health and safety, sexual development and related issues. Sessions are planned and implemented jointly by Mrs. Jacobs, our Judaic Studies faculty and administration, as well as health professionals from our community including Dr. Steven Lefkowitz, Shirli Gotlib, and Elana Epstein Gottfried. 

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April Hot lunch is available HERE

Thank you to everyone who has signed up to volunteer for Hot Lunch so far. 

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When shopping at any Toyology location, please mention Farber ECC. The ECC will receive 20% in store credit. When the money adds up we can go and buy new toys and games for the ECC.


Detroit is a wonderful community!

Great community, affordable housing, wonderful school, high quality of life...and there are jobs available and....a tuition discount if you move to Detroit!

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At Farber, we fulfill our mission through our Five Core Values. The values represent the many layers of what it means to grow, live and engage the world as Modern Orthodox Jews.

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