Parshat Nitzavim - Vayalech • September 8, 2023

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September 8, 2023/22 Elul 5783

Parshat Nitzavim- Vayelech

Candlelighting:7:37 p.m.

Havdallah: 8:36 p.m.


Sunday, September 10th - 9:00 a.m.

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Sunday, September 10th - Back to School BBQ - 5:00 p.m.

Friday, September 15th - Erev Rosh Hashanah - NO SCHOOL

Monday, September 25 - Yom Kippur - NO SCHOOL

Friday, September 29 - October 9th - Sukkot - NO SCHOOL

Tuesday, October 10th - School resumes


Hire Farber Seniors to build your sukkah!! All proceeds help fund the senior class trip!

$100 for canvas sukkah $150 for a wood sukkah $80 for sukkah takedown Spots are limited!! To schedule contact Ari Schon HERE

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We look forward to spotlighting our new teachers over the coming weeks!


We are thrilled to welcome Ms. Lindsey Potoff as our new Art Teacher! Ms. Potoff was born in Minnesota and she loves printmaking! She took a class on Intaglio her first year of college, and since then it's been her favorite form of art. (Intaglio is the process of etching images into copper plates using an acid bath, essentially creating a stamp that you can ink and run through an etching press.)

She is excited to see the art her students create and hopes they can have a lot of fun together and learn some new things. Fun Fact - Ms. Potoff is Morah Helene's daughter!


Mazal Tov

Rabbi Yehuda and Sara Union and big sister Yehudis on the birth of a baby boy!

The Digadker family on Eliya's Bar Mitzvah!


The Mitchell Family on the loss of Beverly Mitchell z"l

Mr. Abbott on the loss of a close friend

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Detroit is a wonderful community!

Great community, affordable housing, wonderful school, high quality of life...and there are jobs available and....a tuition discount if you move to Detroit!

For more information, reach out to Andrea Strosberg.

The Detroit Jewish News did an article on this as well!


We’re excited to welcome new students to Farber! Spread the word to families who might be interested in joining our community or let us know HERE if there is a family who we should reach out to. New students may apply by clicking HERE.

When shopping at any Toyology location, please mention Farber ECC. The ECC will receive 20% in store credit. When the money adds up we can go and buy new toys and games for the ECC.

We are so excited to have so many new families join us at Farber this year! and we look forward to introducing you to them over the next few weeks!

Bruchim HaBaim to the Acklers!!

Tova and Jesse Ackler are the parents of Josh and Lily, new Farber Nursery 2 students, and David (YBY). They are excited for their twins to be aorund other kids their age and to enjoy being in a classroom.

The Acklers, native New Yorkers, have 5 pets: a dog and 4 black cats. Jesse works for GM and Tova is a parapro at Farber in the ECC and absolutely loves her job!!

Bruchim Habaim to the Sowalskys!

Tali and Joseph Sowalsky are the parents of Benjamin (Toddler class). Tali, who grew up in Montreal, and Joseph, who is from Connecticut, met at Yeshiva University and moved to Michigan 2 years ago. A favorite activity for their family is visiting splash pads and parks.

They are excited for Benjamin to begin his Jewish education at Farber. The Sowalskys are joining family here at school: Benjamin's cousins, Aderet and Micah Lonn are also Farber students!

Bruchim Habaim to the Rosenfelds!

Tzipora and David Rosenfeld are the parents of Maya (Toddler class). They enjoy heading to the zoo as a family and loved visiting Niagara Falls over the summer. The Rosenfelds are excited about all of the fun holiday projects Maya will do this year at Farber!

Bruchim Habaim to the Davises!

Rabbi Moshe and Shayna Davis are the parents of Shira (Toddler class) and are Farber's Bnei Akiva Shlichim beginning their second year here.

Moshe's great- grandfather David Tanzman was one of the founders of Yeshivat Akiva and while Moshe's grandmother did not attend Akiva, her younger brother (Moshe's great-uncle) was in the first graduating class.

The Davises' favorite Sunday activities are Bnei Akiva events! They are excited that Shira has officially joined the Farber family!

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Rabbi Ari Ellis

Parashat Nitzavim-Vayelech: Voices in a Chorus

After having led the Jewish People to the edge of Eretz Yisrael after forty years in the wilderness, Moshe concludes his farewell address to the people and presents them with the

last of the 613 Mitzvot of the Torah. In Parashat Vayelech we read: “Therefore, write down this song and teach it to the people of Israel, put it in their mouths, in order that this song be My witness for the people of Israel” (Devarim 31:19).


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This week we will thrilled to welcome our newest members of National Honor Society! After greetings from Mrs. Sklar, Dr. Levisohn offered a Dvar Torah on character and service and the impact one person can have on the world. Our current NHS students Micah Adler, Eli Schwartz and Ari Schon spoke about the 4 pillars of NHS - Scholarship, Character, Leadership and Service. Mrs. Kosowsky closed the event by wishing Mazal Tov to the inductees and their families and by thanking Mrs. Sklar and Ms. Gardin for all their hard work in preparing the event!

Mazal Tov Alyssa Skoczylas, Nava Feldman, Elianna Jacobs, Abie Gardin, Gideon Lopatin, Jonas Singer, and Margo Levenzon!

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All of our ECC students have been so busy exploring the playrooms, learning routines, getting to know their teachers and their new friends, doing art projects, and so much more!! We can't wait to spotlight all the wonderful things they are doing!

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We were so happy to welcome back Rabbi Shneur Silberberg to Farber to teach all about the shofar and to show our ECC and early elementary students so many different kinds of shofars and the animals they come from!! Our students are learning so much about Rosh Hashanah!!

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In Mrs. L-F’s 6th grade Geography class, the students learned about lines of longitude and latitude as they plotted cities with crazy names OR cities with NFL teams. Do you know where Ding Dong, Texas or Hot Coffee, Mississippi is?? Ask your 6th grade student!!

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With many of our classes mixed and with a large incoming Freshman class, our High School community headed to Kensington on Friday for bonding and community building!


The Farber Cross Country Team season is underway!! The team has begun training with Coach McKenzie and looks forward to its first meet on Wednesday, September 20th against Grosse Pointe Academy.

Let's go Farber Fire!!!

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Our Hot Lunch program begins next week! September Hot Lunch can be found by clicking HERE

Thank you to everyone who has signed up to volunteer for Hot Lunch so far. 

Volunteers must be vaccinated. Please click HERE to sign up for a time slot. If you have a flexible schedule and would like to be put on our "reserve" list in case of last minute cancellations, please contact us at

Welcome Back BBQ

All Farber Families and faculty are welcome!

Sunday, September 10th - 5:00 p.m.

Food and Kids Activities

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Rosh Hashanah Honey Fundraiser

Our first fundraiser of the school year is up and running! We are selling delicious honey for Rosh Hashanah, which is being locally sourced from Joel K. Letvin and the Oakland County Apiaries. Perfect for yourself or as a gift. Each 8oz jar of honey is $18 and all proceeds go to support PTO programming. This is a great opportunity to support the PTO! You can order HERE. 

Volunteer Opportunities

The PTO is always looking for volunteers to help out throughout the year. Whether you have a lot of time, or a little bit of time, volunteering with the PTO is an amazing way to meet people and feel connected to the Farber community. 

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We try to practice Hashavat Avedah - returning lost items - and will be highlighting lost and found items left in school.

If this is yours or if you have lost any article of clothing, please contact Amy Hager. You can also view our Lost and Found Slideshow by clicking here. Please consider labeling your children's clothing to help make this possible.


Sunday, September 10th

1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

at the JCC of West Bloomfield

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At Farber, we fulfill our mission through our Five Core Values. The values represent the many layers of what it means to grow, live and engage the world as Modern Orthodox Jews.

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