Parshat Beshalach 5784 • January 26, 2024

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The Tanzman Tournament stands with Israel

Welcome to CTA (Columbus), Fuchs Mizrachi (Cleveland), DAT (Denver), Hillel (Pittsburgh), and YOC (Toronto)

Farber Stands with Israel

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January 26, 2024/ 16 Shevat 5784

Parshat Beshalach

Candlelighting: 5:20 p.m.

Havdallah: 6:24 p.m.


Sunday, January 28TH - 8:30 a.m. - NOTE TIME CHANGE FOR THIS WEEK ONLY!

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Thursday, January 25th - 28th - Tanzman Basketball Tournament

In addition to the Farber team, the participating schools are coming from the following cities:






Come cheer on Farber!!!

Saturday, January 27th - 8:45 p.m. Farber vs Hillel

Sunday, January 28th - TBD

Friday, February 9th - Farber ECC Special Friends Day - 9:30 a.m. - 10:15 a.m.

Join us for some special activities for our students and their special friends


Friday, Feburary 9th

Elementary School Assembly - 1:45 p.m.

Come to pick up a little early and join our Elementary School students for Shabbat Assembly

Sunday, February 11th - Chagigat HaSiddur for 1st grade

February Break - February 19 - 23rd

School resumes Monday, 26th

Save the Date

Annual Event - April 14, 2024 at 11:30 AM

Recognizing Rachel and Josh Opperer

and honoring

Farber Alumni Serving in the IDF

Reflections - Rabbi Meir Soloveichik

Keynote Speaker - Dan Senor

Co- author of Start Up Nation and The Genius of Israel

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Help restock Farber's Little Free Library!

Our Little Free Library is in a high-traffic area of the Elementary School hall and students love finding and picking up a great read!

Send donations of gently used elementary- level books in your child's backpack or drop them off at the reception desk with Mrs. Serlin.

Thank you to all of our sponsors for the Tanzman Tournament!!!

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Mr. Wyma on making a siyum on Masechet Terumot


Joseph Saferstein on the loss of his grandmother, Margo Gladd z"l

Cherie (Noah) Levi, beloved grandmother of Estee (Adam) Goldberg, Lainy, Aviva(fiancee' Mikey Schwartz), Rafi(Daphne), and Chava(Jon Deutsch), and beloved great-grandmother of Lyla and Nadra Goldberg on the loss of beloved mother, grandmother and great grandmother, Jacqueline Hutman.

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Tanzman Tournament Kippot Available

with 2 "clips" inside for grip!

1 for $10 and 2 for $18

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Farber is looking for volunteers to help earn money for the school by sorting books for Bookstock! Sorting takes place every Wednesday at Congregation Beth Ahm, drop in anytime from 10-2, stay for an hour or more and help sort books. Every hour volunteered by a Farber volunteer earns money for our school! Sign up HERE!

Now accepting applications

for the 2024 - 2025 school year!

Toddler - 12th grade

New Students apply HERE

Current students do not need to confirm their re-enrollment at this time; their spots will be held until our reverification process later in the year.

For questions or to schedule a private tour, contact Andrea Strosberg HERE,

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Shayna Davis

In Parashat BeShalach we conclude a two month-long journey through one of the most powerful and momentous periods in the history of the Jewish nation. Previously, in Parashat VaYeishev, we read about Yosef's descent to Mitzrayim, and in the subsequent Parashot of Miketz and VaYigash, Yaakov and the other brothers also go down to Mitzrayim. In Parashat Shemot, the Jews become settled in Mitzrayim, marking the beginning of the difficulties of Galut and slavery. In Parashat VaEira, we witnessed the commencement of the redemption through plagues, and in this past week's Parashah, Bo, we read about the conclusion of the plagues and Yetzi'at Mitzrayim. Now, in our current Parashah, BeShalach, we finally finish this process and forever part from the Egyptians, as the Pasuk states:

"כי אשר ראיתם את מצרים היום לא תספו לראתם עוד עד עולם" - "For that which you have seen the Egyptians today, you will not see them again forever!"


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Yonatan E

Avi G - Avraham Yaakov ben Emunah Elisheva

Eitan K - Eitan Chanoch ben Chava Keren

Daniel K - Daniel Tzvi ben Miriam Katana

Max K - Zvi Avraham ben Sarah Fruma

Jake K - Yaakov Yitzhak ben Michal 

Yaffa M

Yossi N - Yosef Yehuda ben Ariella Esther

Yoni N - Yona Pesach ben Ariella Esther

Eitan N - Eitan ben Anat

Jaques P

Josh S - Yehoshua Avraham Ben Zev

Cobi S - Menachem ben Tziril Krindle

Ari T - Ari Meir ben Golda Miriam

Davidee W - Dovid Shabbos ben Yissochor Dov and Ahuva Sara

Ami Z - Nuchum Amnon Shlomo ben Leah Nechama

Sophie Z- Zahava Tzofiya bat Leah Nechama

Please email HERE to add other former Farber/Yeshivat Akiva former students, alumni, faculty or parents or anyone that you are thining about that you would like us to add to our General List of Chayalim.

For the complete list of Chayalim that our community is davening for click HERE.


We were thrilled to welcome Rabbi Natanel Lebowitz from Yeshivat Torat Shraga to Farber!


What a beautiful Melava Malka we had to begin the week. We began the evening with a performance by our choir followed by Havdalah and dancing!!! Havdalah activities and active activities kept the kids busy with a wonderful crew of Middle School and High School students helping out in all ways. The kids were very excited about the raffle as they won Singing with the Strosbergs and Cooking with Morah Tikvah with the grand prize being "Head of School for an hour" with Dr. Levisohn! We ended the night with pizza and benching!

Todah Rabbah to our staff!!!! To those who did double duty as parents and as staff members and to those who came in without kids on a Motzei Shabbat to help make it such a special event. Special thanks to Rabbi Strosberg and Mrs. Strosberg for the inspiring music, Rabbi Ellis and Morah Tikvah for all their help with the food, Morah Lisi and Morah Rachel Baruch for the wonderful choir, Rabbi Morris, our Rav Bet Sefer, for coming to speak to us, Dr. Levisohn, Mrs. Brenner and Mrs. Hager for all their help before and during the event, Rachel and Yael- our Bnot Sherut for always stepping in to help in every way, and especially to Rabbi Steinig and Morah Rachel Steinig for organizing, planning and executing this Melave Malka.

Watch Here


They made it!!! Our Kindergarteners succeeded in crossing ים סוף and getting out of Egypt just like in this week’s פרשה .Following יציאת מצרים the students and their families made tambourines, sand art, decorated cookies and more!! Thank you to our wonderful Kindergarten teachers Morah Rachel Steinig and Mrs. Roberts!!! And thank you to Mrs. D and Rabbi Leib for all their help!!

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The Teddybears learned all about hibernation this week. They had a pajama day as they learned about bears and what bears do in the winter! Thank you Morah Sarah!

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Morah Rikki's 2nd grade learned all about the order of brachot from the pasuk about the shivah minim. They then had the opportunity to say the brachot and enjoy all of the minim!

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Our Middle Schoolers spent time this week learning about Tu Bishvat. Then then learned about different kinds of fruits in their cooking elective and they planted beans in cotton balls to see what would happen with the Bnot Sherut.

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Rabbi Nemes was honored to welcome Rabbi Miller from Yeshiva Beth Yehuda to speak the the BMP students about his Rebbe, Rav Matisyahu Salomon z"l who passed away a few weeks ago. Rabbi Salomon z"l was the Mashgiach Ruchani of Beth Medrash Govoha, one of the world's largest yeshivas, located in Lakewood, New Jersey.

Let's go Farber Fire!!

Tanzman Tournament

Saturday, January 27th - 8:45 p.m. - Farber vs Hillel

Sunday, January 28th - TBD


Monday, January 29th

4:30 p.m. - JV vs GPA at GPA

4:30 p.m. - MS Girls vs Hillel at Farber

5:30 p.m. - 5th/6th grade vs Hillel at Farber

6:30 p.m. - 7th grade vs. Hillel at Farber

Wednesday, January 31st

4:30 p.m. - 5th/6th Boys vs Liggett at Liggett

5:30 p.m. - MS Girls vs Liggett at Liggett

6:30 p.m. - 7th grade vs Liggett at Liggett


(From Left to Right)

Sruly Mandel, Ira Gardin, Michael Goldman, Jake Schon, Zev Mandel, Coach Ken Cohen, Ami Feldman, Ami Doppelt, Aden Opperer, Max Gotlib, Elishama Ellis

The Faber Fire

Midddle School Team

(From Left to Right)

Sam Shanbaum, Matthew Greenbaum, Dovi Leib, Eitan Schon, Judah Hazan, Rafa Talybli , Ariel Koslowe, Josh Goodman, Caleb Singer, Leo Singer

The Farber Fire Varsity Basketball Team

(From Left to Right )

Coach O, Coach Capaldi, Ari Schon, Eitan Pergament, Eli Schwartz, Shmuel Schottenstein, Matthew Shamayev, David Shamayev, Ori Feldman, Coach Joe

Benny Kleid (manager), Micah Adler, Emmett Singer, Jonas Singer, Gideon Lopatin, Abie Gardin

The Farber Fire 5/6 Team

(From Left to Right)

Effie Shanbaum, Meir Leib, Asher Meisels, Yair Mendelson, Eitan Bernhardt, Yisroel Goldberg, Aiden Speizer, Yosef Nadler, Alex Gotlib, Ariel Mitchell, Tzifonya Meisels, Roo Gertner

Looking forward to presenting the Middle School Girls Team next week!

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January Hot Lunch can be found HERE. PLEASE NOTE NO HOT LUNCH ON JANUARY 29TH AND 30TH.

February Hot Lunch is available HERE.

Thank you to everyone who has signed up to volunteer for Hot Lunch so far. 

Volunteers must be vaccinated. Please click HERE to sign up for a time slot. If you have a flexible schedule and would like to be put on our "reserve" list in case of last minute cancellations, please contact us at

When shopping at any Toyology location, please mention Farber ECC. The ECC will receive 20% in store credit. When the money adds up we can go and buy new toys and games for the ECC.

Volunteer Opportunities

The PTO is always looking for volunteers to help out throughout the year. Whether you have a lot of time, or a little bit of time, volunteering with the PTO is an amazing way to meet people and feel connected to the Farber community. 

You can sign up to volunteer by contacting us at


Support the PTO and outfit yourselves with Farber swag for Spirit Day and to promote our wonderful school around town!!

Shop HERE at our FHDS Spirit Store !

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We try to practice Hashavat Avedah - returning lost items - and will be highlighting lost and found items left in school.

If this is yours or if you have lost any article of clothing, please contact Amy Hager. You can also view our Lost and Found Slideshow by clicking here. Please consider labeling your children's clothing to help make this possible.


Detroit is a wonderful community!

Great community, affordable housing, wonderful school, high quality of life...and there are jobs available and....a tuition discount if you move to Detroit!

For more information, reach out to Andrea Strosberg.

At Farber, we fulfill our mission through our Five Core Values. The values represent the many layers of what it means to grow, live and engage the world as Modern Orthodox Jews.

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