Parshat Bamidbar 5784 • June 7th, 2024

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Rabbi Yechiel Morris, Rav Beit Sefer

It is hard to imagine that we have reached the end of the school year!

It seems like it was just August 28, 2023 and the first day of school.

And yet, today is already June 7, 2024 and we are now (sadly!)  saying our final goodbyes until next year.



June 7, 2024/1 Sivan 5784

Parshat Bamidbar

Candlelighting: 8:50 p.m.

Havdallah: 10:01 p.m.

Friday, August 23rd - Orientation

Monday, August 26th - First Day of School!

Have a wonderful summer!!

Farber Hebrew Day School is thrilled ot announce the Amiel z"l and Rachel Galazan Sefer Torah Campaign in honor of the parents of Michal and Howard Korman and in recognition of Farber's 60th anniversary!

Contribute to the completion of Farber's very own Sefer Torah! Dedication opportunities include letters, psukim, parshiot and more!

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Save the Date - Hachnasat Sefer Torah on September 29th!


We wish Tzeitchem L'Shalom to our families moving to Israel (or going back to Israel) this summer!

The Davises

The Gertners

The Schwartzes

The Selesnys

Rachel and Yael Schreiber


Morah Tamar and Moti Glazer, Shoham and on Ishay on the birth of a baby boy!

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Our Graduation ceremony, for an overflow crowd of family of our graduates, teachers and high school students this year, was just inspiring as we wished our graduates , who had all been together at Farber since N4, Mazal Tov. Following the National anthems by Oren Opperer, Dr. Levisohn welcomed everyone, Dr. Nathan Gonik, our board president, offered greetings to our graduates on behalf of the the board and thanked Dr. Levisohn for all he had done for the school. Eli Schwartz offered gratitude to all the parents and Ari Schon presented the school with a gift of a yad from the class. Ariella Leib offered a beautiful Siyum from Israel and then Micah Adler gave a Valedictory address. Mrs. Rachel Kosowksy gave a charge to graduates and Mrs. Kathy Sklar presented our graduates with their diplomas.

Thank you to Ms. Gardin, Mrs. Klausner, Mrs. Sklar and Mrs. Kosowsky, and Mrs. Jacobs for everything you did for our graduates and for graduation. Following the graduation was a truly elegant and fun reception ( with an ice cream truck!!) Thank you to Ms. Gardin for the absolutely beautiful set up! Thank you to the 11th grade families - Alison Gorin, Rachel Lopatin, Lizzy Doppelt, Rikva Jacobs, Polly Levenzon, Rebecca and Gil Feldman for all their help with set up and clean up and thank you especially to Mrs. Berlin and Mrs. Brenner for coming early and staying late to help clean up!

Thank you to our amazingly talented parents - Naomi Gardin, Shirli Gotlib and Aaron Pergament for sharing their talents with the school!! Mazal Tov to the Class of 2024!!


After festive davening with Hallel ( and dancing), the High School community took the opportunity to recognize and show appreciation to Rachel and Yael, Rav Moshe and Morah Shayna Davis, and to wish Hatzlacha to Azi as he and his family make Aliyah. They all have contributed in so many ways to our community and they will all be missed. Following davening, the elementary and Middle School students had dancing and donuts as we celebrated Yom Yerushalayim!

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The kindergarteners made booklets writing about “what to do when you walk into the kindergarten room”. They came to N4 and sat in small groups so the kindergarteners could tell them all about kindergarten!!! They had such great questions and the kindergarteners knew all the answers!! Then the N4 students came into the Kindergarten room to hear some of the things they will be able to look forward to and they got to hear Mrs. Roberts read a book by one of her favorite authors, Eric Carle.

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On the last full day of school, the 5th graders in Mrs. Howes’ class worked on memory books reviewing all that they have learned this year( which is SO much!!!). Mrs. Howes took down the name cards from the beginning of the year and gave them to the students. These name cards can serve as bookmarks for future reading. Thank you Mrs. Howes!!

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Middle School Color War!!!!!! Team Old City vs Team Western Wall!!! Competitions in Gaga, dance off, floor hockey, relay races, tug of war, Minute to Win It, Public Speaking, Battle of the Books/Math/ Science, Bracha Bee, basketball and more….and the winner was… the Green Team!!!! Thank you Mr. Wolowiec, Mrs. Mio, and the Middle School staff!!!

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On the Sunday before graduation, a beautiful Senior Brunch was held for the Seniors and their families. After a Dvar Torah by Mrs. Kosowsky, the PTO made a beautiful gift to the class and gave a heartfelt tribute to Jill Barack Kleid z”l and announced that they will be honoring her memory with a gift to the ESS to use for the Sensory room they are in the process of putting together. Teachers then read individual letters, compiled beautifully by Mrs. L-F of comments of appreciation from various staff members, about each student. Joey Selesny presented Matthew Shamayev with the Michael Selesny z”l award and Dr. Levisohn presented the Academic achievement award to this year’s valedictorian, Micah Adler. Thank you Ms. Gardin for making the brunch so beautiful!

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See you in the fall!!

When shopping at any Toyology location, please mention Farber ECC. The ECC will receive 20% in store credit. When the money adds up we can go and buy new toys and games for the ECC.


Yonatan E

Avi G - Avraham Yaakov ben Emunah Elisheva

Eitan K - Eitan Chanoch ben Chava Keren

Max K - Zvi Avraham ben Sarah Fruma

Jake K - Yaakov Yitzhak ben Michal 

Yaffa M

Yossi N - Yosef Yehuda ben Ariella Esther

Yoni N - Yona Pesach ben Ariella Esther

Matt N -  Chaim Tzvi ben Adina 

Eitan N - Eitan ben Anat

Cobi S - Akiva Menachem ben Tziril Krindle

Ari T - Ari Meir ben Golda Miriam

Davidee W - Dovid Shabbos ben Yissochor Dov and Ahuva Sara

Sophie Z- Zahava Tzofiya bat Leah Nechama

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