Monday August 21, 2023

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Certik Unveils Findings About Alleged Crypto Scammer Who Stole $1 Million...

However, despite the investigation, the cybersecurity company remains unable to ascertain the true identities of these hackers who have managed to steal a whopping $1 million in crypto.

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Crypto Traders Experience Significant Losses As Market Undergoes Sharp Decline...

Bitcoin recently plummeted to around $25,000 from its previous value, leading to a substantial drop in cryptocurrency values across the board. Traders faced approximately $1 billion in liquidation losses in a 24 hour period. This sell-off also marked one of the most severe downturns for digital assets this year.

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SEC Will Postpone Approval Deadlines For Bitcoin ETFs Until Early 2024...

The move gives the SEC up to 240 days to delay the processing of crypto ETF applications, which means that some companies might not hear decisions on filings made in July 2023 until around March 2024. The agency, which holds the final authority over permitting a crypto ETF, appears to be getting closer to approving such investment vehicles after several years of applications.

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PayPal Unveils New Feature Enabling Users To Easily Convert PYUSD...

Shortly after launching their stablecoin, PayPal has unveiled a new service which focuses on facilitating crypto sales, purchases, and other functions through both PayPal and PYUSD.

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Bitcoin (-10.8%) Tanks as Hawkish FED Notes Suggest More Rate Hikes Before Year End

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Ethereum (-8.3%) Tanks and Breaks LT Support on the Weekly, Log Chart

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Fed’s WARNING To Banks!! What It Means For CRYPTO!!

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