4th of July
Independence Day is just around the corner. We want to wish everyone a very safe and wonderful holiday. Please remember to follow all laws and safety instructions when considering fireworks, have water on hand at all times, and be sure to clean up afterwards.
Pool Reminders
It's come to our attention that there are some violations happening at the pool. The rules are not in place to ruin the fun but to help everyone enjoy the pool equally. Please do not prop open gates. Get up and let your friend or family member in as needed. Do not bring glass to the pool ever! Food and trash need to be cleaned up at all times. It's pretty grose to walk along the deck stepping over wet crackers, hair ties, saran wrap leftovers, not to mention all the toys, goggles, and clothes left behind. Large floatation devices like unicorns and pizza slices are not allowed! People can get caught underneath them without even noticing. Also, this is a community pool, we need to share the space. Be sure children who are not potty-trained have appropriate swim diapers on. Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Lastly, please be courteous about where you park your bikes and scooters at the pool. Please use the bike rack and do not block the sidewalks or bring them into the pool area. Continued violations will result in loss of facility access. Please help us to have a safe and enjoyable swim season! 
Lost Keys
If you lost keys to your Mini Cooper, please reach out to Aaron at 520-668-8640.

Creek Bank
Please do not take ATVS, motorcycles, or golf carts on the creek paths, or any common areas. Also, please do not dump grass, trash or anything else along the creek. Violators should be reported to the police.
Street Parking
Please be sure you are using the garage for parking and storing automobiles first before the driveway. The street should be a last resort and only for temporary periods of no ore than 72 hours. Please be sure to park in front of your own home first before others, and do not block neighbor driveways.
JUNE 2019

Food Truck Rally
August 15
Pools Close
September 3
Fall Garage Sale
September 14
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