Building Bright Futures

June 27, 2024


Major renovations to the center are complete! Coming weeks will focus on interior decorating. Stay tuned for Open House events.


We held our first training workshop on June 19th!

"Dyslexia 101" covered information on how the brain learns to read, dyslexia information and myths, dyslexia identification and screening, effective methods of instruction and support for students with dyslexia.

Thank you to everyone that attended. We enjoyed visiting with you!

"The Reading Process" was held June 26th.

This workshop covered the process students go through as they learn to read, effective teaching methods, and how the brain reads according to the latest scientific research.

Thank you to all the attendees!


Vigorous Vocabulary

July 2, 2024

9am - 12pm


*curriculum included

Word meaning is a strong determiner of reading comprehension. Learn simple and effective teaching strategies for all classes and grades.


CALT TRAINING - 1st Cohort

Currently enrolling our first training cohort to be certified as Academic Language Therapists (CALTs)!

Course Curriculum: Take Flight

2 week initial training dates:

July 15th - July 19th

July 22nd - July 26th


Building Fluent Readers July 10, 2024

Fluent reading is a hallmark of ​strong readers and is a good ​predictor of reading ​comprehension. Learn ways to ​develop fluency in readers of all ​ages. Taken from Dr. Timothy ​Rasinski’s book, Developing Fluent ​Readers.


Welcome, Donna Francis!

Donna is from Pocola, OK. She taught middle-level English language arts and reading for 15 years. Donna has a Master’s degree in education and reading. She is a Reading Specialist and a Certified Academic Language Therapist. In addition to loving time with her grandkids, Donna is an avid reader, a new gardener and enjoys sharing produce with her friends. She has a registered therapy dog named Murry. Donna and Murry work as a team bringing joy to places that need it.

“As a teacher, it is great to have the dyslexia therapy tools to help our students. I want our students to know that they have a clear path to learn to read and have my constant support!"

A special THANK YOU to Millie Nelms, Becky Shofner, Lacey Graalfs, and Kay Cassidy for your donations to our student library. Thank you, Steph Hicks for getting us started in the organization and display. If you have any new or gently used books to offload, we would love to have them in our student library!

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