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Center Cuts: Advanced Energy Center Digest
Issue No.17 – Winter 2022
Happy Holidays from AERTC
The Stony Brook University AERTC wishes you and your families and happy, healthy, and safe holiday season, and a happy new year.
Power Players - Our Partners
The Center for Integrated Electric Energy Systems (CIEES) supports industry/academia partnerships across New York State with a focus on renewable energy storage and integration. 
Strategically located on the Stony Brook University campus, the center’s academic, technological and networking capabilities are key to integrating low-carbon advances into the regional power grid – including 9 gigawatts of offshore wind power, a major step toward achieving state-government goals of 70 percent renewable electricity by 2030 and a zero-emission statewide grid by 2040.  
Advisor 411 - Our Board
Jelena Kovačević
NYU Tandon School of Engineering
Jelena Kovacevic
Jelena Kovačević was named dean of the NYU Tandon School of Engineering in August 2018, becoming the first woman to head the school since its founding in 1854 as the Brooklyn Collegiate and Polytechnic Institute.

The author of several books and award-winning scientific papers, Dr. Kovačević is the founder and co-chairwoman of the Northeast Regional Deans (NeRDs) council. Her research interests include biomedical imaging and multiresolution techniques such as wavelets and frames.

The dean’s many laurels include an IEEE Signal Processing Society Technical Achievement Award and an IEEE Engineering in Medicine & Biology Society Career Achievement Award, for outstanding academic leadership in biomedical imaging research and education.
The CEBIP Advisory Board member received a Dipl. Electrical Engineering degree from the Electrical Engineering Department at the University of Belgrade in Yugoslavia in 1986 before earning a PhD in electrical engineering from Columbia University in 1991. Prior to becoming Tandon School dean in 2018, she served as Hamerschlag University professor and head of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University, among other academic assignments.
She also worked for 11 years on the technical staff at Bell Labs in New Jersey and was the co-founder and technical vice president of xWaveforms, a New York-based LLC.
Energy Bursts: Spotlighting the Latest AERTC Advances
Student Spotlight
Finding ICE in His Veins, Thanks to the Right Professor 
Research Review
Fresh $13.6M Grant Bolsters Clean Energy Science, Takeuchi's Legacy
Incubator In-Depth
Real Lab, Real Experiments, Real Progress for Allied Microbiota
From the Trenches
Discovering the Energy to Change
AERTC In The News
On day two of AEC 2022, Governor Hochul took the stage at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in New York City to announce Albany had awarded $16.6 million across five competitive long-duration energy storage projects.
Devinder Mahajan, Director of Stony Brook University Institution of Gas Innovation and Technology, served on the organizing committee for the 3rd Competitive Energy Systems Symposium. The symposium, held in Honolulu, Hawaii, from December 6th to December 8th, discussed the challenges of deploying hydrogen-centric technologies and the long term R&D issues of decreasing the cost of hydrogen production.
Amogy Inc. demonstrated the first-ever ammonia-powered, zero-emissions tractor at Advanced Energy Center in Stony Brook’s Research & Development Park.
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