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In-person/ Live Streaming Worship Service

June 2, 2024 at 10:15 AM

Outdoor Worship

Spring Healing Concert

*Scripture Lesson

Matthew 26:26-30


"Jesus Sings" by Rev. Sooah Na

*Worship Assistant:

James Mojomick

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After the concert, we will have a potluck luncheon where you can enjoy good food and fellowship. Bring along your friends, families, and neighbors to join us in this uplifting event.

Let's come together for a day of music, worship, and community bonding. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Celebrate Our Graduates!

Do you have a loved one who is scheduled to graduate this spring? Centenary would like to recognize and honor your graduate on Sunday, June 16th.

If you are graduating or have a loved one that is graduating from Middle School level or above, please let us know.

Email your announcement before Monday, June 10th to church office(centenaryumcnj@aol.com)

Please include: a color photo and a bio of where you or your loved one are graduating from, accomplishments and plans for the future, in a Word Document.


When Asher Irfan's family finally received approval last November to come to the United States from Pakistan, the news was both exciting and unexpected.  Asher, and several of us, had always assumed that when his wife and two children came to the U.S., they would arrive at one of the New York area airports, and that we would be able to meet them, welcome them into our congregation, and provide whatever help we could as they began their new life in America.  

   But that wasn't how it unfolded. With his family expected to arrive in a matter of weeks, Asher had to make several important decisions quickly, the most important being where they would live. At this time, Asher had received a housing offer from a friend in Lexington, Kentucky and decided to relocate to that city shortly before Christmas. He was expecting his family to arrive before the end of the year. However, due to complications involving their passports and visas, their long-awaited reunion would not take place until Sunday, February 4, 2024. The family's port of entry was Chicago's O'Hare Airport, which is about a six-hour drive from Lexington.  Asher met them at the airport and drove them to their new home in Lexington. It was a glorious day, the first time the family had been together in five years.

   While we were at first disappointed that we would not get to meet Asher's family, we are happy that things are going well for them in Kentucky. Recently, Pastor Sooah asked Asher to prepare a short video that we could show during worship as a way to introduce his family to Centenary's congregation. That video was shown last Sunday morning as part of Sooah's sermon. For those who missed it, we are making it available again in this week's email. 


   Here's a quick update on what's been going on with Asher and his family since their arrival in the U.S. four months ago.  Asher's wife, Nadia, is working as an assistant teacher at a large early learning center sponsored by Centenary United Methodist Church in Lexington (how's that for irony!), which has several campuses. The Centenary School offers not only preschool, but also an infant toddler program, transitional kindergarten, and a summer camp. Nadia also is learning to drive.  Asher continues to work remotely for a medical billing company in Chicago while seeking a position in the Lexington area. The children have adapted quickly to their new American schools and are doing well. Daughter, Mariam, has completed seventh grade, and son, Mokham, completed fourth grade. Both are looking forward to summer vacation, which comes earlier in southern schools. 

   The family is currently looking for an apartment in Lexington, which has a population of 321,000 and is known for its many horse farms and thoroughbred racetracks. It is also home to the University of Kentucky. 

Please continue to keep Asher, Nadia, Mariam, and Mokham in your prayers. In the near future, they hope to come to New Jersey for an in-person visit.

Bob Carlson

Missions Committee

Register Now for Centenary's VBS 2024!

Hello Centenary Friends and Families,

You are receiving this email because you have participated in Centenary Vacation Bible School in the past or you have expressed interest in attending.

This years VBS theme is Joy-Full Story. The children and youth will learn about the Joy of God! There will be music and dancing, arts and crafts, Bible stories, and lots of friends and fellowship. All ages are welcome to participate.

All parents are welcome to stay. Children age 4 and under must have a parent or trusted adult stay through out the program. Children age 5 and older may be dropped off and picked up at 8:00pm at programs end. We are offering this program free of charge.


June 25 -June 27 2024


6:00pm - 6:30pm dinner

6:30pm - 8:00pm Program

Registration link is below. Please use this link to register and save your spot in the program.

Space is limited to 40 participants.

We at Centenary are looking forward to a fun and spiritual filled program for our children and youth.

We hope to see you there!

Many Blessings,


Click Here to Register!

Every Wednesday & Sunday

  • Celebration of Found Cans (nonperishable item collection ministry from 9:30 am to 12 pm)

June 2nd (Sunday)

  • Spring Healing Concert (following our outdoor Sunday)
  • Potluck Luncheon (You are welcome to bring any dish, dessert, fruit, or beverages to the luncheon)

June 10th (Monday)

  • BOT Meeting at 7 pm (online)

June 13th (Thursday)

  • Sandwich-Making Thursday at 6:30 pm in Room 20

June 25th-27th (Tuesday to Thursday)

  • Vacation Bible School (Dinner 6-6:30 pm/ Program 6:30-8 pm)
  • Registration Link: https://forms.gle/DgD1oRg9rjhaGqH7A

We pray for...

Remember in your prayers: family of Rosalina Magno (mother of Virginia Giordano); family of Young Oh (father of Se Hoon Oh); Harvey Schwartz’s family (Diana Lee-Cary’s uncle); Joseph Gehrmann’s family (James Mojomick’s friend); family of Miriam Dingle; family of Shirley Utts; Joelle Williams and her family of Metuchen School District; Fontaine Anzalone (aunt of Paul Manjourides); Rodrigues family of Metuchen; Rosanne and Chris Moxley; family of Doreen Jones (mother of Darla Downes); family of Kiara Gonzalez (cousin of Nicole Tierno); Michael Gabriel (friend of Ruth Lechelt); Jessica Elil (daughter of Stella, co-worker of Peggy Martino); Kenny Fischer (cousin of Charles Giordano); John Ringler; John & Portia Lashley; family of Celeste Ramsey (mother-in-law of Isabel Pichardo); family of Ed (friend of the Mojomicks); families of Sylvia Woodfield; family of Heather Vail (friend of Ruth Lechelt); Amelia (student at Edgar MS-Metuchen); Mary Ellen Heim; family of Sandy Baks; family of Rev. Dr. Hoo Sug Lee; family of Anne Beattie; parents of Lester Gesteland; mother of Asher Irfan; family of Rowena Principe (sister of Odessa Delos Santos); family of Rev. Gary Frieze; family of Samantha Nu Nguyen Hogan (friend of the Tiernos); Shirley & Steve Mosteller; family of Lewis Hause; Monika Van Houten; Carolee Szajko; Patricia Thompson; family of Matthew Ferry (former teacher of Lily Tierno); Pvt. Brian Reppert (serving overseas and family friend of Ruth Lechelt); Poonam Chauhan (sister-in-law of Mala Roberts); Arthur Manjourides (father of Paul Manjourides); Terri Sgambati (aunt of Nicole Tierno); Lori Loza; Debra Martin (daughter of Mary Ellen Heim); Lee Lehman; Lester Heim, Jr.; Laura Vasile (daughter of Rita Vasile).

*Bold indicates new to the list.

Prayer Request:

If you have a request for prayer, or a joy you would like to lift up, please let pastor Sooah Know or send your requests to: 


The requests will be passed along to Pastor Sooah. Please keep us updated on your requests.

Celebration of Found Cans


Centenary continues its weekly collections of non-perishable food items to help “REPLENISH” (formerly the Middlesex County Food Network) make a dent in food insecurity!

Food collection at Centenary takes place on WEDNESDAYS and SUNDAYS from 9:30 a.m. – noon. On Wednesdays, the green REPLENISH collection bin is located at Centenary’s front door; just drop off an item or two or more (follow your GPS to 200 Hillside Avenue in Metuchen)!

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