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In-person Worship Service ONLY

July 7, 2024 at 9:30 AM

7th Sunday after Pentecost

*Scripture Lesson

Mark 6:1-13


"Doubt vs. Unbelief" by Rev. Sooah Na

*Worship Assistant:

Bob Carlson

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Due to technical difficulties, this Sunday's (July 7) worship service will not be available via livestream.

For those planning to attend this morning’s worship service at Centenary, it will be held in Sunshine Room.

We apologize for any inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding.


Mission Update

Last year, our community was deeply saddened by the sudden loss of Pastor Hoo Sug Lee, whose church, Jesus' Followers Korean United Methodist Church, shared a special connection with our congregation.

In response to this tragic event, our members united in prayer and support, raising a donation of $500 for Rev. Lee's family.

Following her husband's passing, Rev. Lee's wife, Kyong Ja Lee, sought solace in South Korea with her relatives. Recently, we learned of her return to the United States and her decision to relocate to South Korea with her youngest daughter. Pastor Sooah visited Kyong Ja before her departure, delivering a heartfelt letter and the donation from our church. We thank you for all your prayers and support for Rev. Lee's family.

Our prayers are with Kyong Ja and her family as they embark on this new chapter. May they find comfort, strength, and courage in the midst of their journey. Let us continue to keep Rev. Lee's family in our thoughts and prayers during this challenging time.

Sandwich Thursday on July 11th

Sandwich Thursday: July 11th, 6:30 pm (Room 20)

Join us in making a difference!

Contact Bob Carlson or Pastor Sooah to support Jesus' mission.

Together, let's spread love and feed the hungry. Be there!

Every Wednesday & Sunday

  • Celebration of Found Cans (nonperishable item collection ministry from 9:30 am to 12 pm)

June 30th (Sunday)

  • Special Charge Conference at 12 pm (both online and in-person at room 20)

July 11th (Thursday)

  • Sandwich Making Thursday at 6:30 pm in Room 20

July 23rd (Tuesday)

  • ELC Liaison Committee Meeting at 10 am (online)

July 28th (Sunday)

  • Outdoor Worship Service/Family Fun Sunday/Potluck Lunch

We pray for...

Remember in your prayers: Richard Heim (son of Mary Ellen Heim); Darla Downes; Michelle Moyer; family of Rosalina Magno (mother of Virginia Giordano); family of Young Oh (father of Se Hoon Oh); Harvey Schwartz’s family (Diana Lee-Cary’s uncle); Joseph Gehrmann’s family (James Mojomick’s friend); family of Miriam Dingle; family of Shirley Utts; Joelle Williams and her family of Metuchen School District; Fontaine Anzalone (aunt of Paul Manjourides); Rodrigues family of Metuchen; Rosanne and Chris Moxley; family of Doreen Jones (mother of Darla Downes); family of Kiara Gonzalez (cousin of Nicole Tierno); Michael Gabriel (friend of Ruth Lechelt); Jessica Elil (daughter of Stella, co-worker of Peggy Martino); Kenny Fischer (cousin of Charles Giordano); John & Portia Lashley; family of Celeste Ramsey (mother-in-law of Isabel Pichardo); family of Ed (friend of the Mojomicks); families of Sylvia Woodfield; family of Heather Vail (friend of Ruth Lechelt); Amelia (student at Edgar MS-Metuchen); Mary Ellen Heim; family of Sandy Baks; family of Rev. Dr. Hoo Sug Lee; family of Anne Beattie; parents of Lester Gesteland; mother of Asher Irfan; family of Rowena Principe (sister of Odessa Delos Santos); family of Rev. Gary Frieze; family of Samantha Nu Nguyen Hogan (friend of the Tiernos); Shirley & Steve Mosteller; family of Lewis Hause; Monika Van Houten; Carolee Szajko; Patricia Thompson; family of Matthew Ferry (former teacher of Lily Tierno); Pvt. Brian Reppert (serving overseas and family friend of Ruth Lechelt); Poonam Chauhan (sister-in-law of Mala Roberts); Arthur Manjourides (father of Paul Manjourides); Terri Sgambati (aunt of Nicole Tierno); Lori Loza; Debra Martin (daughter of Mary Ellen Heim); Lee Lehman; Lester Heim, Jr.; Laura Vasile (daughter of Rita Vasile).

*Bold indicates new to the list.

Prayer Request:

If you have a request for prayer, or a joy you would like to lift up, please let pastor Sooah Know or send your requests to: 


The requests will be passed along to Pastor Sooah. Please keep us updated on your requests.

Celebration of Found Cans


Centenary continues its weekly collections of non-perishable food items to help “REPLENISH” (formerly the Middlesex County Food Network) make a dent in food insecurity!

Food collection at Centenary takes place on WEDNESDAYS and SUNDAYS from 9:30 a.m. – noon. On Wednesdays, the green REPLENISH collection bin is located at Centenary’s front door; just drop off an item or two or more (follow your GPS to 200 Hillside Avenue in Metuchen)!

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