MKL President Taylor Carey Back To School Message

"I'm Taylor-Andrew Carey, your 2022-2023 Mobile Kappa League (MKL) President. I am a Senior at Murphy High School, a dual enrollment student, and an early college student at the University of Alabama and Bishop State. Also, I'm the Senior Class President, a Student Ambassador, and a National Honor Society member, and I am in the theatre, chorus, and musical theatre.


Back to school is fun but stressful for many, including myself. And since this is my and many others last time going back to school, I always like to reminisce on the fantastic memories I have of this time of year. From Kindergarten to 11th grade, I have always been anxious but also thrilled to go back and see my amazing friends, teachers, and staff that have made my school life both challenging and rewarding. And now, entering my senior year, I am more excited than ever to come back one last time.


So, to all Mobile and Baldwin County students, make this an exciting and rewarding 2022-23 school year. And to the Class of 2023, I wish you the best senior year ever and hope you accomplish all your goals and reap your rewards."

2022 World Games Career Fair

L. to R. Caleb Hosey and Joshua Slater

Saturday, July 9, the Mobile Kappa Leaguers toured The World Games Career Fair in Birmingham, AL. There, they visited various job stations in the ALEX tent. The stations informed the Kappa Leaguers on what each career pays and the Alabama job outlook. They also compared the cost of living in different cities across the country.


The Kappa Leaguers visited the HBCU Tent featuring all HBCUs in the state of Alabama. The spotlight HBCU at the HBCU tent was Alabama State University, and the Kappa Leaguers were able to meet students, faculty, staff, and Dr. Ross, the President of Alabama State.

Senior Citizen Luncheon

L. to R. Kendall Edwards, Demaurion Cole, Julius Mitchell, and Eugene Lawson

Friday, July 15, the Mobile Kappa Leaguers volunteered at a Senior Citizen Luncheon hosted at the Gulf Quest National Maritime Museum of the Gulf of Mexico in Mobile. There, they gained inspiration and a desire to help the community further. They also learned essential tips from an Alabama Councilman.

3rd Annual Walk-Through Vivian’s Door

 L. to R. -Brian Wilson and Mark Washington

Saturday, July 16, the Mobile Kappa Leaguers attended the 3rd Annual Walk-Through Vivian's Door Market/Festival. There, they helped serve food and helped exhibitors set up and breakdown their tents during the market. 

Making Proud Choices Presentation

Tuesday, July 26, the Mobile County Health Department showcased a sex education presentation at the Kappa House. The presenter thoroughly explained the conscious choices to make during relationships and why to the Mobile Kappa Leaguers.


The Mobile County Health Department offered educational activities to help further explain its presentation. The presentation also included a PowerPoint presentation that gave a great learning experience to those who participated.

Mobile Kappa League Blood Drive

L., Damian Lee Jr., M., Jayden Mabien and Kelsey Goler, and R., Mr. Maynard Odom

The Kappa Leaguers want to thank everyone who participated in the American Red Cross Blood Drive on Tuesday, August 2, 2022. There were 20 donors, 12 first-time donors, 15 units collected, and 45 potential lives saved. The blood drive was in conjunction with the Mobile Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., and the Eta Nu Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity at the University of South Alabama.

Back-To-School Brotherhood Dinner

 Left, L. to. R. - Issac Smith, Damian Lee Jr., Ty Johnson, Ethan Oliver, and Kelsey Goler 

On Wednesday, August 3, 2022, the Mobile Kappa League held their annual “Back-To-School Brotherhood Dinner.” The purpose of this dinner is to unite all Mobile Kappa Leaguers in focusing on being academically sound and strong for the 2022-2023 school year. The Leaguers also strategized on what leadership roles they would take on at their local high schools.

Financial Literacy Workshop

Presenter, Tyrone Fenderson, Jr.

On Saturday, August 6, 2022, the Kappa Leaguers held a financial literacy workshop at the Mobile Alumni Chapter Kappa House following their August business meeting. The presenter was Tyrone Fenderson, Jr., President of Mobile Market, Synovus Bank, and a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. There were 50 Kappa Leaguers who attended this presentation. 

Kappa League August Business Meeting

Front Row (L. to R.) - Justin Fenderson, Kenneth McMillian, Jaxon Roberts, Kennedy Austin Jr., Alvin Daily Jr., Kamden Goler, Kelsey Goler, Kyron Wilson

Attraction Builds Wealth Workshop

Bottom L. to R. - Dr. Carl Cunningham Jr., (Advisor), Taylor Carey

On Sunday, August 21, 2022, the Kappa Leaguers attended the “Attraction Builds Wealth” workshop at Blount High School. Mobile Kappa League alum Alvin Jarreau sponsored this workshop.

ACT Zoom Workshop

The Mobile Kappa League held another ACT Zoom workshop with Dr. Wycondia West. The subjects Dr. West focused on were Math and English.

Kappa League Attends Jackson State High School Day

On Saturday, September 24, 2022, the Leaguers attended Jackson State University High School and Community College Day. They toured the JSU Campus and attended the football game. 

Venture Crew 1979

 Venture Crew 1979 Members (L. to R.) Jayden Williams, DaMaurion Cole, and Julian Portella

The Venture Crew 1979 has been very busy. On Tuesday, August 2, 2022, the Venture Crew volunteered at the Boys Scouts of America Mobile Area Council Volunteer Recognition Ceremony, held at the USS Battleship. The Venture Crew members also sold Popcorn at the September 2022 Mobile Alumni Chapter fraternity meeting as a fundraiser. The fundraiser was a success.

Marching Band and Football Season

August always brings out the Mobile Kappa League's outstanding musicians and the football season student-athletes. The Mobile Kappa League has a history of supporting some of the best musical and athletic talent in the Mobile area. This year is no exception.


Please see some of our current Leaguer pictures below.

MKL Alums Football and Band Season

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