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October 2014  

Physical Therapy Month

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Dear Friends,


October is physical therapy month and I would like to thank everyone for choosing us as their physical therapy of choice over all these years!! Your friendships and loyalty to MPT mean the world to all of us!

I hope you now know that you do not need a referral from your doctor to come see one of our physical therapists! Over 70% of people think they need to go see their doctor before coming to see their physical therapist. This is no longer true!

We, at McDonald Physical Therapy are fortunate as we receive calls weekly from people who are looking for an examination and direction to help improve their weakness or pain. We are so lucky that the word is getting out regarding direct access and we are honored to be your choice for physical therapy.

I recently met a professor at Notre Dame Rolfs Fitness Center who's main purpose in coming to us was for us to put her on a safe exercise program. She wanted the knowledge and insights that we could provide. She wanted a program that would help her to strengthen her shoulders and legs to prevent any further injuries.

Physical therapist are trained to examine people's ability to move. They are trained to help each individual find the best way to keep themselves healthy and living the kind of independent life they have always dreamed. Each and everyday we meet new people, see unique injuries, hear your incredible stories and learn from each and everyone of you.

Recently we had a 46-year-old that came into our clinic with a herniated disc and tingling down his leg. He had had this pain and been to a number of medical specialists. After listening to him and seeing his MRI, we thought he might need surgery on his back.

After our examination, we realized, his bigger problem was a severe arthritic hip and he needed a total hip replacement. This may seem, to some, like we failed this patient, because he needed surgery. However, upon further review, this is what separates McDonald Physical Therapy from many other places. Many people come into our clinic for a second opinion. Many people are frustrated and just want someone to listen and examine them for more than 5-10 minutes.

Therefore, after further review, this patient was extremely satisfied. Why? Because he got what he needed to get back to playing tennis and living his life the way he had remembered it before he started having his pain 2 years earlier.

Please think of coming into McDonald Physical Therapy if you are looking for an examination to assess your movement, balance, strength and endurance. I guarantee that you will be glad you visited us. Try to remember, you can just call and get an appointment without any referral from anyone.









National Physical Therapy Month is celebrated each October to recognize how physical therapists and physical therapist assistants can help transform society by restoring and improving motion in people's lives.


Here are a few Success Stories from our patients that reflect how our physical therapy teams focus on helping people discover how to lead lives with less pain. Our role in the recovery process is to help you regain strength, relieve your pain, and return you to daily activities as completely and as rapidly as possible.  If you are experiencing pain and need an immediate solution, call us at (574)233-5754 to set up an appointment.


"When I first came to McDonald Physical Therapy, my back and hamstrings were sore and very tight. I had lack of motion in both areas. With my team, I experienced confidence, sincerity, and honesty. I also experienced the knowledge of people who cared. Before therapy, I was unable to enjoy my walks and was unable to move as well as I should. Now, I feel great. "- Gertrude 


"When I first started coming here, I could hardly do anything. Even to walk hurt. But as I continued to come and the stretches got more challenging, I found myself progressing. Coming to therapy helped me more than I ever thought it could. If it weren't for therapy I may not have been able to return to my job in the Army."- Brittany B. 


"When I first came in, I was having lots of pain. Sometimes I couldn't even make it through the day my ankles hurt so badly. Going through physical therapy has helped me get progressively better. The exercises Katie gave me were challenging, but she helped me through them. My ankles have gotten significantly better. Now I can walk and even run for long periods of time without severe pain. I'm confident in my ankles now thanks to physical therapy."- Carissa G.     


"I wish I would have done this sooner! My four weeks here have REALLY helped my knee in terms of strength and mobility. But MOST importantly, my confidence is back to 100%. I really liked all of the staff at McDonald and loved how they work as a TEAM." - Colleen N.



Direct access + YOU + McDonald Physical Therapy = Immediate CARE!

Do you have pain in your back, neck, shoulder, knee or arm? Do you have pain when you exercise, garden or when going about your normal routine?

If so, now you can call us... directly and get immediate relief as you no longer have to see your physician first. We now can address your pain and get you back to your healthy self without you having to take that step!

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