Father's Day is a special occasion to honor the remarkable contributions of fathers and their profound impact on our society. It’s a time to recognize the dedication, wisdom, and love that fathers bring into our lives, shaping families and communities with their guidance and support. Let’s take this opportunity to express our gratitude and celebrate the fathers, grandfathers, and father figures who play such pivotal roles. Whether through small acts of appreciation or grand gestures, let's make this Father's Day memorable and heartfelt.

"These TED Talks will change the way you dad."

We thought we'd share The Father Hood's list of recommended TED Talks for dads. These are meant to 'boost your spirits.' And we could all use a little boost, right?

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Three Instagram accounts we love for dads

Dads Who Try

Nate and Tommy are two dads navigating life, friendship, & fatherhood. Together they share stories of fatherhood & the hi-jinks of raising children. They also have a podcast.

Lunchbox Dad

Beau Coffron is Lunchbox Dad. His Instagram account highlights fun food art that serves as his kids lunches. Beau also shares family-friendly recipe ideas, budget meal and free lunch ideas.


Through their popular blog, Fatherly empowers men to raise great kids and lead more fulfilling adult lives.


Celebrating Freedom and History

Juneteenth, on June 19th, marks the 1865 announcement of the end of slavery in Texas, over two years after the Emancipation Proclamation. Also known as Freedom Day, it celebrates African American culture and heritage. This day offers a chance to teach children about history, resilience, and equality through family gatherings, community events, and educational activities.

All-Star Dad Giveaway

Dads and father figures, this one is for you! Cuyahoga Parents Connect is running a giveaway just for the very important dads and men who are like dads in our lives. Head over to our Facebook group to learn more!

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Our Next Triple P Discussion Group

This discussion group covers common forms of childhood disobedience and the reasons behind them. The group introduces positive parenting strategies to prevent and manage disobedience, teach limits, and develop a personal plan for effective discipline. To enroll, click here.

Come meet Rachel, our dedicated Community Liaison, out in the community! Click on each event to learn more. For more information about local events, bookmark our community calendar!

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