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May 2021
A recent renovation of a traditional Georgian house now connects to the garden, celebrating the city’s favorite season. And it just received a 2021 Residential Design Architecture award, see all the winners here.
Georgian Modern
Washington DC   

Starting at the front door, a highly-crafted steel and wood stair and landings now weaves through the entire height of the house. Each landing along the way hovers in a new stair tower projecting the occupants, at every level, into the garden. 

The design of the stair sets the materials for the entire house, where curved wood panels and built-in cabinets delineate a series of open connected rooms. 

Extending to the exterior, similar geometries executed in white brick and bluestone negotiate level changes in the site and create another series of connected but discreet outdoor rooms.       
Photos: Anice Hoachlander 
General Contractor: JWL Woodworking 
Design Team — Mark McInturff FAIA & Colleen Gove Healey AIA

A relocated French cloister featured with the Beatles in Help! (1965)

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