Connecting People with Purpose - Celebrating 50 Years of Volunteering


HandsOn Suburban Chicago continues to celebrate its 50 years of service and this month we want to highlight the value of our Senior Corps-RSVP program. S ince 1992, w e have been the proud sponsor of this program serving volunteers age 55 and older.

We know the impact our Senior Corps-RSVP members have in our communities. We track the hours these members serve, and the number of individuals who may receive services or benefits from our members' efforts. Additionally, we track the reported changes or benefits to individuals, organizations, communities, or the environment. 

We continue to stand in awe of what our Senior Corps-RSVP members accomplish and how much they positively contribute to the welfare of those they serve.

Please sign up if you are interested in becoming a member of Senior Corps-RSVP.

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Jordan Friedman
Executive Director, HOSC
Impact of Senior Corps-RSVP in our Communities

Our Senior Corps-RSVP program proudly supports over
700 active members who volunteered over
70,000 hours focusing on healthy futures for seniors, academic support for at-risk youth and improved economic well-being and security for individuals in our communities as well as numerous other community initiatives.
F Y 2018-19 data
History of Senior Corps-RSVP

Senior Corps-RSVP is an outgrowth of efforts by private groups, gerontologists, and government agencies over the past decades to address the needs of retired persons in America. 

In 1961, the White House Conference on Aging called attention to the continuing need of older people for useful activity. One of the outcomes of the Conference was the passage of the Older Americans Act of 1965. In that same year, the Community Service Society of New York launched a pilot project on Staten Island which involved a small group of older adults in volunteer service to their communities. This pilot project was the precursor to the Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP). The success of this project demonstrated beyond doubt the value of the services of older volunteers.

25 years ago the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS), a federal organization, established AmeriCorps and Senior Corps. RSVP became one of three Senior Corps Programs funded and administered by CNCS.

T he Meaning of the Senior Corps-RSVP Logo

Perhaps you have seen the Senior Corps-RSVP logo on our website or in many of our publications but do you know the meaning of the Senior Corps-RSVP logo? At its most basic level, the meaning of the logo is the same as RSVP on an invitation- a request for a response to the invitation. On a deeper level, the RSVP in Senior Corps is a call to action to those 55 and over whose volunteer service can positively contribute to the welfare of individuals and communities. 
The Senior Corps-RSVP logo also represents a simple idea that lets people decide how they want to volunteer their time and efforts. The logo meaning applies to both agencies trying to find people willing to donate their time and effort and the people who have the commitment to volunteer.

We are thankful that our community partners are sending invitations, and our volunteers are responding with measurable and meaningful actions. 

HandsOn Suburban Chicago
Connecting People with Purpose