RPSV is celebrating its tenth year of service to adults with mental health, substance use, and homelessness issues across Northern Virginia in 2021. Since its inception, RPSV has helped ~100,000 of our neighbors during their journey through recovery. We are planning lots of fun activities this year to help us celebrate. We do hope you will join us!
RPSV's Founders Win Humanitarian Award
Congratulations to Lisa Goodwin and Jerome Hughes who were awarded a Humanitarian Award by the Prince William County Office of Human Rights on January 16, 2021! Lisa and Jerome are Prince William County residents.
They were nominated in honor of the work they have done to help thousands of individuals with their recovery efforts through RPSV.

We are so proud of their achievement! Thanks for all you do and what you've done to empower others to seek recovery, Lisa and Jerome!
Here's a copy of RPSV's January calendar just in case you need to download it.
“We cannot walk alone.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.
RPSV's Programs Helping Participants Move Forward
RPSV's Recovery Centers in Annandale, South County Alexandria, and Arlington are thriving as participants receive the in-person support they need to recover.

RPSV has thousands of success stories annually at its centers and now through its virtual programs. Read Tyrone's story below about how his tenure at RPSV's Consumer Wellness Center changed his life!
RPSV's Warm Line is making a significant impact in the lives of those who call each month.

On January 21, RPSV will begin offering one-on-one virtual support for callers using Zoom. We are excited to offer this new feature to help those in need of someone to talk to during this turbulent time.
RPSV's weekly virtual programming has really blossomed since it began in April. The number of participants continue to increase weekly as more of our neighbors learn about the value of our 15 virtual groups.

At a recent Facing and Overcoming Loneliness group session a new member said, "This is a loneliness group? I can't believe it. Everyone is smiling and laughing. I am so glad I joined you."

Another member said, "Thank you. This is exactly what I needed."
RPSV and Busboys and Poets partner to support the homeless in Northern Virginia on January 30. Join us!

We are excited to host "Dear COVID", a poetry slam and open mic event coming January 30 from 6-8 pm. During the event, presenters will share their thoughts in poem and prose about how COVID-19 has impacted our lives.

This fun event is free with an optional donation to RPSV. All funds raised will support our Homeless Survival Kit effort, a year-round project to provide those we serve with homelessness issues with critical items they need to survive (e.g., nonperishable foods, hats, gloves, hand sanitizer, etc.)

Tickets are available on Eventbrite.com under Dear COVID. Please register today!

If you'd like to present at the event, please email Monika today.
Neighbors Helping Neighbors
The good folks who took part in Volunteer Fairfax's VolunteerFest 2020 continue to create and drop off Homeless Survival Kits to our Centers. The kits are needed year-round to help those without a home. We thank them for their continued support!

Below is a note from one of the homeless participants who received a kit and some photos of a recent donation dropped off by caring individuals in the community. Thank you!
"It is difficult to be homeless. This care package really helps. It is always a wonderful feeling to have something to call my own. Thank you for making these kits available for us. I will use the soap every day! ~ Cami C.
These cloth bags make transporting the kits easier for recipients who must carry their possessions with them.
The variety of different products make receiving the bags fun. They also make a big difference for the recipients who receive them.
Giving back to others always feels great
and makes an immediate impact. The kits are often received at our Centers by donors and handed out to participants the same day.
Part of the joy for participants who receive the bags is the variety of items -- and the special notes from donors included in each kit reminding them people care about their well being.
It's not how much we give
but how much love we put into giving.
~Mother Teresa
RPSV's support groups truly make a life-altering impact for the better! ~ A Success Story
Tyrone G. was a participant at RPSV's Consumer Wellness Center (CWC) for a short time. He was introduced to the center by a long-time participant and friend who felt the center would benefit him.

During his time with us, he attended support groups daily and enjoyed the topics that were presented. He often engaged in the discussions and listened intently to what others had to say. Tyrone expressed that what helped him the most was the support from the staff. In his words, they were “remarkable, patient, and offered a lot of support that I very much appreciated”.

The group that made the greatest impact in Tyrone’s life was the ‘Triangle of Well Being’. The group meets once a week and gives participants a chance to talk about things in their lives -- either good or bad. The group offered Tyrone so much support that it empowered him to be the man he wanted to be.
He came to us at a time in his life when he needed good people to lead him in the right direction. Ultimately the group gave him the courage to talk about a crime he committed and felt overwhelming guilt about. He felt so remorseful that he turned himself in to face the consequences.

Even though he is no longer a participant, he has requested a CWC staffer continue to send him information on our support groups while he is detained. Tyrone is a prime example of how important RPSV's support groups are and how beneficial they can be to participants. Not only do they give you a place to vent, to talk about life, and to meet new people that are going through the same things you are, but if you're fighting with a moral dilemma like Tyrone was, it just might change your life!

For Tyrone, the peer support he received at CWC’s support groups helped him step up, take responsibility for his actions, and regain control of his life. He is truly a success story and we wish him all the best!