A Great Time To Count Our Blessings
Celebrating Ten Years Of Clean Water for God's Thirsty Children

And it's all because of you

2011: a new nonprofit corporation; three people putting together a plan; 457 women filtering clean water.

Ten years later: a new office/warehouse; a passionate team of Board Members, staff, and volunteers; and thousands of committed members of a Community for Mission.

And one more thing: because of your support, there are more than 137,000 Water Women providing clean water to God’s thirsty children in countries all across the world.

Now that’s something to celebrate, and on Tuesday, October 5, celebrate we did. Joined by many of our friends we had a great evening of music, barbecue, ice cream – and a rededication of our efforts to keep on growing.

“A good time was had by all,” said Sr. Larraine Lauter OSU. “It was wonderful to be with members of our Community, sharing the accomplishments of the last 10 years. And it’s so typical of a Water With Blessings – we were only there to celebrate but people donated enough to underwrite 10 new Water Women. God continues to rain blessings on us.”
We are also grateful to several of our friends for providing the food and entertainment.

Chris Tolbert (pictured above) contributed his musical talents all during the event.

City Barbeque (citybbq.com) provided the delicious main course and side dishes.

Bernoulli Small Batch Ice Cream (bernoullisicecream.com) created the delicious Tahitian Blue Ice Cream that topped everything off.

And we appreciate the presence of our other special friends. Jeffersontown Mayor Bill Dieruf was there. Also, we thank Louis Straub, Louisville President of Independence Bank (1776bank.com), and our Independence Bank Loan Officer, Vice President Ron Jolly for their wonderful support.

But most of all, we thank each of you for your commitment to providing Water With Blessings!
Louis Straub, Bill Diefuf, and Ron Jolly helped us celebrate. And we caught Ron with his hand in the Bernoulli Ice Cream bucket.
Barbara and Allen Kannapell hosted a wonderful event in their home for Sr. Larraine and Water With Blessings.
Why We Support Water With Blessings

Every time Barbara Kannapell turns on the faucet, she thinks about children without clean water.

“Clean water is a matter of life or death for children around the world,” said Barbara (pictured on the right along with Sr. Larraine, Allen Kannapell, and WWB's Rebecca Stutsman). “What I’m brushing my teeth in – I used to just let it run, but now I think about the water I waste. Without clean water, children die from the water-borne diseases – they’re too little to fight them off.

“There are so many mothers who lose their children that in some places they don’t even give them names until after they’re two years old. You can hear about people in need, and think about the problems people face, but it doesn’t always get to your heart. This got to my heart.”

After being introduced to Water With Blessings by a friend, Barbara got more involved. Along with her regular support, she volunteers her time writing thank you notes to donors. And on September 30, she and her husband Allen hosted an event at their home.

“We printed an invitation to family and friends, to come for a cookout and presentation on Water With Blessings,” she said. “We were pretty pleased that we got a good number of responses, so we decided to pull out all the stops. We had great food, great help, and because it was a great evening we were able to be outside.

“We told how we got involved. Then Sr. Larraine gave her presentation. People were quite engaged. The questions period went way longer than we had anticipated.”

Sr. Larraine said: “We so much appreciate the efforts of the Kannapells and their wonderful, gracious hospitality. There was no hard sell – the guests just picked up the envelopes that were available. The event has introduced us to many new friends, and the donations are still coming in.”

Barbara also talked about how a little gift goes a long way for Water With Blessings.

“Just $75 – where does that go?” she asked. “It doesn’t go too far here in the US. But with the filter it does so much for the women and their families. It’s just so basic.”
If you would like more information about hosting a Social For Good Event for Water With Blessings, please contact Rebecca Stutsman, our Chief Development Officer, at rebecca@waterwithblessings.org, or call us at the office: 502-749-5492
It's Time Once Again for The Frosty 5K:
This Year on Sunday, December 5
We will be participating again this year in the Frosty 5K, hosted by Good Shepherd Catholic Church (Lakeview Park, 112 Park Ave, Frankfort, KY 40601). As part of the benefit to Water With Blessings, they will raffle off this beautiful queen-size quilt (82”x96”), crafted by a former WWB volunteer.

The drawing will be held on Sunday, December 5, 2021, between 3-4pm. Tickets are $5 each, and you can purchase them at this address:

Come By Friday Morning To Pick Up Your
CinnaBourbon Hugs

You can pick them up every Friday morning at the Water With Blessings office (1902 Campus Place, Suite 11). A portion of the proceeds helps fund Water Women around the world.

Made with real butter, aged bourbon, delicious cinnamon (and a few secret ingredients), these rolls will become a favorite in your home or office.

Please make sure to place your order before noon on Thursday.

Click on the button nearby to take home your favorite flavor: original, pecan, or bacon.

A delicious, sweet way to support Water With Blessings!
We believe every child should be drinking clean water. Are you with us?
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