We're Still Helping the People of Haiti
Women Religious Step Forward to Help Fund Water Women in Haiti

After the back-to-back devastation of an earthquake and hurricane rains, Sr. Larraine Lauter reached out to a reliable source of support: women religious. As we always say, the foundation of Water With Blessings is prayer, our reliance on God’s blessings that we then share with God’s thirsty children.

One of our constant sources of support are the Dominican Sisters of Peace. Sr. Judy Morris, OP is a member of the Water With Blessings team, and her Community’s Mission Coordinator, Sr. Margie Davis, OP talked about how the Sisters came through with a donation for Haiti.

“We have a passion for Haiti,” Sr. Margie said. “After the earthquake our Community collected money and gave half to Water With Blessings, and half to the New Life Children’s Home.”

Sr. Margie serves as campus minister at Ohio Dominican University, in Columbus, Ohio. Each March she offers students, especially those studying to be Physician’s Assistants, an opportunity to participate in a mission trip to Haiti. During their trips, their base is at the Children’s Home.

“Around 150 children live there,” Sr. Margie said. “They range in age from babies to high schoolers. There’s even a section for developmentally disabled children who need care 24/7. It’s beautifully maintained, very colorful. There’s an outside gym where the children can play basketball. And recently they’ve built new dorms for the kids.”

Sr. Margie and the students then go into the mountains. Although Haiti is not very big, and the distances might seem very long, making any trip is difficult.

“From there to the mountains is a tough trip, with crazy, crazy roads” she said. “It takes us 10 hours to get there. When we begin working, the PA students split up into groups with interpreters. There is a doctor who works with us as well
“The students see all the patients, dispense medications that are needed, and provide food. They see things they’re not going to see here in the United States. They’ve never been to the developing world before. The children have tuberculosis, scabies, and are malnourished. The lack of clean water is always a problem. It’s transforming for the students, and for me.

“The people are all very appreciative. They hardly have anything but, as you always find with the poor, they have a deep faith in God.”
Why (And How) I Support Water With Blessings

There was an outpouring of gifts when Kim Langley celebrated her birthday earlier this month. Dozens of her Facebook friends wished her a Happy Birthday by – donating to Water With Blessings. The more than $300 raised will underwrite four new Water Women – that means 16 families drinking clean water.

“I used the Facebook function,” Kim said. “It was really easy. You just answer a couple of questions and Boom! that was it. I made the first donation to get it started and wrote a sentence about Water With Blessings. The notice went up and people responded – I didn’t flog it, but I have a lot of Facebook friends.

“People were really sweet. There was even a $5 donation from a college student, the daughter of a friend. Together we funded four new Water Women. Isn’t that exciting?”

Kim is a great friend of ours who first heard about us through friend who is a Quaker and receives a social justice newsletter that featured Water With Blessings. She is a writer and editor whose book “Send My Roots Rain” has helped people struggling through times of grief.

“I think the Water With Blessings model is brilliant,” Kim said. “It empowers women in a sustainable and smart way. With other charities you might be paying for a swanky office and high overhead. That isn’t the case with this. When I saw who they were helping and how it worked – I loved everything about it.”

To learn more about Kim and all the great work she is doing, please visit:

And when your birthday rolls around, please consider joining Kim in having a Facebook (or other) celebration for Water With Blessings. Together, we can make sure God’s thirsty children around the world get to celebrate all their birthdays. For more information, please contact us at Water With Blessings. We’ll be happy to help.
Why Waste Money on Things No One Wants When You Can
Support Water With Blessings

While planning her husband’s retirement party, Water With Blessings Board Member Tammy Reid had a great idea.

“I didn’t want people to bring a bunch of gag gifts,” she said. “So on the invitation I wrote:

‘I know we are all tempted to buy him a walker or adult diapers for his retirement, but he is already well stocked. So in lieu of purchasing these wonderful gifts, he suggests that if you feel so inclined, make a donation instead to Water With Blessings…’

“I also included a little information, mentioning that $75 would provide clean water to at least 16 people for a lifetime. Brian Hsiao in the Water With Blessings office helped me set up a mobile cause page and a QR code for making the gifts. That way people could just open the code and donate.”

Even before the party this past Friday night, more than $1,500 in donations had come in. That’s 20 Water Women, and at least 320 people drinking clean water.

“We figured it was a good way to help a great cause, without people wasting money on a bunch of gag gifts,” Tammy said.
If you would like more information about hosting a Facebook Birthday party, setting up a Mobile Cause Event, or other ways to build up the Water With Blessings Community for Mission, we would love to help.
Please call the office: 502-749-5492
It's Time Once Again for The Frosty 5K:
This Year on Sunday, December 5
We will be participating again this year in the Frosty 5K, hosted by Good Shepherd Catholic Church (Lakeview Park, 112 Park Ave, Frankfort, KY 40601). As part of the benefit to Water With Blessings, they will raffle off this beautiful queen-size quilt (82”x96”), crafted by a former WWB volunteer.

The drawing will be held on Sunday, December 5, 2021, between 3-4pm. Tickets are $5 each, and you can purchase them at this address:

Come By Friday Morning To Pick Up Your
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You can pick them up every Friday morning at the Water With Blessings office (1902 Campus Place, Suite 11). A portion of the proceeds helps fund Water Women around the world.

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