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BriteMinds honors the child’s mind as the most precious asset of the family and humanity.
A good learning experience will evoke curiosity. Your brain needs signals to prepare for what it is about to obtain, and curiosity is an underlying drive in this process. Once questions are asked, the mind is oriented to find the information that is being looked for. Curiosity fires up neurological circuits geared to connect and, in this firing-wiring process the child feels motivated to learn.

Our BriteMinds framework nurtures this inspiring and vital process. Our instructors adapt to different types of learners and support students, strengthening their confidence. BriteMinds considers our students' interests, developing personality, and learning styles to flourish their motivation--whether that is helping them reorganize, prioritize, better explain their work, or just be there to answer questions along the way. Students can be very intimidated to ask questions, so we are here to help them take those steps to set them up for success.

Online Seminar
with Dr. Agnes:
Friday, May 20, 2022
9:00 am-10:30 am (PT)
BriteMinds’ Beyond Children’s Behavior” online seminar offers a deeper understanding of how the child’s mind works. Dr. Agnes will present practical strategies, scientific literature, video clips, and vignettes to illuminate the hidden world of children’s minds. She will discuss how dormant and invisible triggers may activate adaptive and maladaptive behavior responses often surprising to parents, teachers, and siblings. By the completion of the seminar, participants will be better able to listen to and communicate with children, understand children’s not-so-obvious internal experiences, and facilitate children’s self-regulatory processes more successfully. Zoom link will be sent to registered participants.
"I cannot begin to express how grateful our family is to the staff at BriteMindsOur son was falling behind in his studies, not from lack of trying. BriteMinds has personalized a program specifically for him and now his grades have improved immensely. Not only have his grades improved but so has his overall self-esteem. I highly recommend BriteMinds."
--Suzanne W.
There are no limits when it comes to learning. It is a lifelong process. Learning requires the mind to be active, flexible, and adaptive. When a child is expected to complete a task on time, he or she may become stressed. Optimal stress is an essential part of learning, but when there is consistent overwhelming stress, motivation can be lost. Curious learners can sustain enthusiasm and attention while giving themselves moment-to-moment reflective feedback on how they are doing. Feeling successful in the learning process helps activate dormant potentials that even surprises the child himself. We often hear, "I can't believe I could do that!" Students never really know what they are capable of until they allow themselves to engage in the learning process. Ideally, learning activities are relation- and context-based. This means that the brain responds to stimulation and records and stores new information that is not only factual but also involves the emotional system that other, future learning experiences will be based on. The concept of learning will live on forever whether it is in a classroom, playground, or in the context of family. Creating a healthy and positive way to learn new ideas will set the path for success for the child's future.
Organized Minds are Happy Minds!
Get up close and personal with BriteMinds to see how we work! These meet and greets allow you to explore what needs will be met for the student. Each student will have an individualized academic plan to help them achieve their goals. BriteMinds creates an uplifting environment by using the latest technology. Our instructors partner up with the student in a collaborative manner to create an organized academic schedule to build confidence in each student. At BriteMinds, we are a community of passionate students and instructors that want to see every individual succeed. We are very delighted to meet each and every one of you online, or in our wonderful facility in Rancho Palos Verdes.