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BriteMinds honors the child’s mind as the most precious asset of the family and humanity.
What does a good night's sleep do for children?
Sufficient sleep hygiene is essential for memory, attention, and learning in general. Unfortunately, a good night's sleep is out of fashion, with children today facing an unprecedented temptation to stay awake. Social media, technology, and online gaming all threaten the brain’s ability to relinquish consciousness. Due to the overwhelming excitement of these activities, children do not usually feel tired afterward and do not allow their mind and body to recharge to prepare for what the next day has in store. With the proper amount and quality of sleep, children are not only happier, but their overall moods brighten, their attention and thinking are clearer, and they are better able to access and store memories. A relaxed and attentive mind will function optimally.

When BriteMinds instructors notice students who are tired, sleepy, or bored, they will meet with parents to discuss useful interventions to improve their children’s sleep habits. By creating a consistent schedule and having the proper amount of sleep, students will be more curious and more likely to enjoy the actual process of learning. Rested students are better able to use what they have learned, including organizational strategies. This can make the overall school experience and home life more fun by opening the mind to new information and ideas.
Online Seminar
with Dr. Agnes:
Friday, May 20, 2022
9:00 am-10:30 am (PT)
BriteMinds’ Beyond Children’s Behavior” online seminar offers a deeper understanding of how the child’s mind works. Dr. Agnes will present practical strategies, scientific literature, video clips, and vignettes to illuminate the hidden world of children’s minds. She will discuss how dormant and invisible triggers may activate adaptive and maladaptive behavior responses often surprising to parents, teachers, and siblings. By the completion of the seminar, participants will be better able to listen to and communicate with children, understand children’s not-so-obvious internal experiences, and facilitate children’s self-regulatory processes more successfully. Zoom link will be sent to registered participants. Register by email: a@briteminds.com
"I love seeing our children’s progress throughout the year! BriteMinds created individualized learning plans for both of our kids. They have been supplementing what they have learned at school and the test preparation has been very helpful. Watching the instructors enjoying their interactions with the children is the most rewarding experience." -Maria P.
Organized Minds
Efficient organization plays a crucial role in children's lives. Project deadlines and homework due dates can become a stressful part of school life. Once a child falls behind with turning in work, self-esteem and confidence suffers, not to mention the hard work it takes to catch up. BriteMinds programs are preventative, incorporating executive functioning skills into the daily lesson plans. Students and instructors work as a team to apply practical skills such as prioritizing, time management, sustained attention, goal-directed persistence, project planning, and more.

There are so many new methods to stay organized. At BriteMinds, we create individualized learning programs that include consistent feedback, self-reflective reviews, transitioning exercises, and time management practices. Instructors pay attention to students’ abilities and learning history to create the optimal program for everyone. BriteMinds instructors lead students through the practical steps of organizational skills, so students feel confident and strive to be efficient.
Organized Minds are Happy Minds!
Get up close and personal with BriteMinds to see how we work! These meet and greets allow you to explore what needs will be met for your student. Each student will have an individualized academic plan to help them achieve their goals. BriteMinds creates an uplifting environment by using the latest technology. Our instructors partner up with each student in a collaborative manner to create an organized academic schedule that will build confidence and support learning. At BriteMinds, we are a community of passionate students and instructors who want to see every individual succeed. We are delighted to meet each and every one of you online, or in our wonderful facility in Palos Verdes.