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The Summer Season… Much Different This Year!
May / June 2021
Hello Everyone!

Travel in Vermont is largely returning to normal—that’s the short story. If you are vaccinated, you are not required to wear a mask, although many stores still require a facial covering indoors. Those that are not vaccinated are still required to wear a mask—that’s it.

Leaving ‘The City’ behind is a journey turned towards nature. The urban world is now only a distant memory as you travel through rich agricultural landscapes, apple orchards, lush untouched forests, and lakes shaped by ancient glaciers. Rolling landscapes gradually materialize, revealing valleys that are even more beautiful in spring, summer and autumn. Idyllic promenade through the loveliest regions of Connecticut, New York and Massachusetts until you settle in the Green Mountains of Vermont... we’re here, and we’re ready for you and your families! 

All our best,

Kay & Glenn
Dancing Ewe Farm
Our guests love dining at Dancing Eweenjoy the best in farm-to-table, Italy-inspired food and wine within 200 miles. Many of guests have already dined there this year! And, we’re getting together a large group in early July, if you’re interested in joining let us know.
Hermit Hill Books
We found this rare Green Eggs and Ham first edition, first state with the coveted dust jacket at Hermit Hill Books in the next town over, and it’s yours for $950! This great rare book store is a must visit next time that you’re in Vermont.
Chestnut Mushrooms
Just look at this exquisite rusty brown cluster of Chestnut Mushrooms. Kay is featuring this culinary delight in her French crêpe-like omelettes that also include Lion’s Mane Mushrooms. We’ll tell more about our new mushroom find below! 
Perspective Comes from Encountering Something Completely New...
Rock of Ages Granite Quarry • Graniteville
This fascinating forty-minute guided quarry tour takes you to an overlook of the Smith Quarry. At nearly 600 feet deep, it is the largest operating deep-hole granite quarry in the world. The self-guided factory tour takes you inside the 160,000 square-foot factory where you can see artisans using hand tools in much the same way as Michelangelo did centuries ago. We're visting next week!
41st Annual Quechee Hot Air Balloon Festival
Hot Air Balloons Will Be Soaring again at Vermont’s 41st Annual Quechee Hot Air Balloon Craft and Music Festival. This year, the memorable event is currently scheduled for September 3-5. Woodstock & Quechee is one of our favorite Day Trips. And, there's so much more! See our Day Trip!
Taverna Novo • Saratoga Springs, New York
Off the beaten path… this neighborhood award-winning boutique restaurant offers authentic Italian specialties and arguably the Best Pizza in Saratoga! We had a delicious inexpensive bottle of white Sangiovese with outstanding house meatballs and two pizzas – the Americano & Vegetarian. We're going back for the Saltimbocca!
Always Connecting Our Guests to New Experiences… 
Saratoga Automobile Museum • Saratoga Springs, New York
1950 Allard J2 “Spike” • Photo Courtesy of Saratoga Automobile Museum 

The Museum is located within the 2,500-acre Saratoga Spa State Park, in the heart of historic Saratoga Springs, New York, world famous for its legendary one-mile thoroughbred track. The Museum’s facility is the fully restored and renovated New York State Bottling Plant, a beautiful neoclassical structure completed in 1935. And, it's magnificent!

The history of automobile racing in New York State dates back to 1896. It was then that six cars competed in the first auto race in State history. The race covered the distance from New York City to Irvington-on-Hudson and back, averaging 10 miles per hour. 

We're visiting the museum this Saturday with eight of our friends! Join us if you can.

All the content was taken from "the museum" website.
The Best Cheeseburgers & Shakes You'll Ever Have!
Honeypie, “the classic hamburger joint”: Jamaica, VT. 802.548.4999. It’s definitely out of the way, but well worth the trip! Great fast food; quality ingredients, locally sourced, sustainable and they grind their own burger meat daily – you can actually taste the difference! Always order the double-cheese burger and chocolate milkshake! It’s the best cheeseburger and milkshake you’ll ever have! You can easily finish two double-cheeseburgers, but split the shake four ways, it's that rich!

Champlain Valley Mushrooms • Orwell, Vermont 
On this day, we met Jimmy Horton, the owner of Champlain Valley Mushrooms at the Dorset Farmers’ Market. Together, with his wife Heather, they are dedicated to growing the finest, freshest gourmet and medicinal mushrooms in Vermont. Kay not only delights our guests with her signature French-style mushroom omelettes, but now her omelettes have taken on a new incredible flavor profile like nothing that you have ever tasted! Kay also makes the best Lion’s Mane Mushroom Crab Cake. When it's cooked, this variety of mushroom is delicate, tender, juicy and meaty. Some people say it tastes like seafood or crab meat… you can decide on your next visit. Click on the photo for more about The Farm.
Arlington Dairy Bar • Arlington, Vermont
The Absolute Best Dairy Bar Experience within 100 miles! And, I’d still be hard-pressed to find something comparable beyond. We only stopped for a snack, and had a few hot dogs, some fries and a Pepsi. Of course, the food was outstanding, but it was the owner, Trish, that made our first visit truly exceptional. Trish was incredibly gracious and welcoming—so much so that we will now drive the extra eight miles from Manchester just to have lunch, dinner or just some ice cream! That said, our next visit I’m having their lobster roll! And, the painting above was done by our friend, Peter Huntoon. Our guests love visiting Peter’s workspace and gallery, just 15 minutes from the inn. 
Intellectual Wellness at Pond Mountain Inn
When’s the last time you heard a Nobel-laureate speak or visited one of the best-preserved presidential
sites in the country? See our favorite places for intellectual diversity…

Intellectual Wellness is much more than the integration of body, mind, and spirit. It’s the recognition of the vital importance of maintaining optimum brain health by regularly challenging our creative and problem-solving skills as we engage in meaningful work—and, Vermont has developed an incredible menu of intellectual offerings second to none in New England. These intellectual offerings are frequently discussed in our Pond Mountain Inn Monthly Newsletters, and on our website.

We encourage you to scour our website, including our current and past newsletters for Vermont’s incredible menu of intellectual offerings that we have discovered for you. 
The Best Lobster Rolls in Vermont...
We met Joe—a gifted lobster roll practitioner that spent a decade or two perfecting his trade in York, Maine. We had a choice; either the Traditional Maine Lobster Roll for $14.50 or the Big Daddy for $21.00—we both went with the Big Daddy. The Cornmeal Dusted Kaiser Roll was generously buttered to perfection, and Joe’s generosity didn’t end there… it was difficult to contain all the lobster meat within the confines of the roll. Joe’s Lobster Rolls were magnificent, and are found on Route 11E in Chester, Vermont.

We’ve just added Joe and The Arlington Dairy Bar to our Short List of Lobster Roll Favorites…

The Oyster Bar • Grand Central Station • New York City | Anthony’s Seafood • Middletown, Rhode Island (Newport) | Vermont Mountain Man • Chester, Vermont • The Arlington Dairy Bar.
Find Out What Makes Our Coffee Incredibly Delicious
One of the defining characteristics of an excellent bed & breakfast is the emphasis on serving the finest cup of coffee available. We serve a non-flavored Viennese Roast in the Main House during breakfast, which is the lightest of T.M. Ward’s Espresso roasts – it’s unusually smooth, delicately strong, with a nice velvety finish. And, to really make our morning coffee interesting we add French Roast, a blend of Arabica beans, which is a very dark roast with smoky overtones. This hybrid recipe brews an outstanding cup of coffee! They’re both delicious and we hope that you enjoy them too!

Please read our Find Out What Makes Our Coffee Incredibly Delicious blog to learn more – it's a good read. Also, click on the T.M. Ward photo and buy the same coffee you love at Pond Mountain Inn.
Circus Poster in the Shelburne Museum's Collection

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