March 13, 2024

Celebrate Women’s History Month: Honoring Former CSA Employee Estela Salgado

This Women’s History Month, we are spotlighting former CSA Employee Estela Salgado who served CSA from 1967 until her retirement 52 years later. Throughout her tenure, she was a crucial link between the community and assistance services, with many agencies and even the local police department relying on her to find emergency shelter for individuals late at night. 

She worked her way up in the agency, starting as a driver bringing Spanish-speakers to English classes and eventually becoming the director of Emergency Services. After 30 years of direct client services, Estela transitioned to the finance department.

As she progressed at CSA, CSA also grew more established in the community through United Way and government funding. Estela initiated community partnerships, including with dentists willing to serve children in need and high-tech internship programs for high school students with companies like Intel. 

Years later, at an Empty Bowls event, a client personally thanked her for preventing his family's eviction. Her recognition as a 2017 Hometown Hero underscores her lasting legacy in enriching and supporting our community. This March, we salute Estela’s dedication to serving the local community for over five decades.

Neighborhood Association Donates Thousands of Pounds of Food

Cuesta Park Neighborhood Association (CPNA) has been leading a food drive to benefit CSA since the beginning of the pandemic. CPNA uses the neighborhood email distribution list and signs on the streets to communicate the details for the monthly drive during which a team of 8-10 people work to collect food from outside their neighbors’ homes to sort and bring to CSA. 

Each month, the neighborhood gathers 600-1,200 pounds of food, particularly items CSA has trouble sourcing from other partners. Anne Infeld, the CPNA Lead for the food drive says, “It’s been wonderful to see how generous and caring Cuesta Park is and has been all these years. And I love the dedication and spirit of the team that picks up donations, rain or shine.” 

Thank you to CPNA for all your help collecting food for CSA! If you are interested in organizing a food drive, contact your local neighborhood association (Mountain View list) or get in touch with LaDrea Clark, Food & Nutrition Center Director.

Tickets Available for Empty Bowls!

Back by popular demand, CSA hosts our annual Homeless Services fundraiser as an ice cream sundae party in the park for the third year in a row. Featuring bottomless ice cream, beautiful bowls, and fun children’s activities, this year’s event takes place on Sunday, April 28th from 2-4pm in Rengstorff Park. With thanks to Baskin Robbins for the delicious ice cream and OVCAG for the beautiful bowls. Purchase your tickets before we sell out. You can also donate or sponsor. Please reach out to Sarah Townsend-Handley if you are interested in sponsoring or have any questions.

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