Celebrating Father's Day, National Pollinator Week, Graduates and Nesting!
The O'Donell's dog is exhausted from helping get things planted! This Father's Day you can help Dad in the garden by weeding, adding a water feature or planting a Native Garden!

Father's Day is Sunday, June 21, the day before the start of National Pollinator Week so I have included Native Plant lists as well as some great links for more information about Native Plants, Pollinators, Monarchs, etc.

Look closely to see, I'm going to say 'Daddy' birds, because it's Father's Day, protecting their nests here at Countryside!
Robin Nesting in Ivy Geranium Hanging Basket
Dove Nesting in Weeping White Pine
Northern Flicker feeding his young in one of our old Birch Trees
Marcy L Cronin
Our perennial staff is thoroughly enjoying assisting customers looking for native plants.

Pamela Teepe-Nelson, Countryside Perennial Expert, has brought in a plethora of Native plants to provide pollen, nectar and hosting for larva.

Click here for a listing of what Countryside has in stock to help you get your pollinator garden started!
To help you plant Natives in your yard, Barb Kindinger, Countryside Landscape Designer, has designed a Bee Garden For Full Sun!

Stop in and let our perennial experts help you select the right plants for your Bee Garden!
Visit the Nursery today and plant native trees and shrubs.

Native Trees at Countryside:
Red and Sugar Maples, Bald Cypress, Redbud, White, Scarlet, Burr and Red Oaks.

Native Shrubs at Countryside:
Shrub Indigo, Shadblow Serviceberry, Spicebush, Common and Vernal Witchhazel, Gray Dogwood, and Nannyberry Viburnum.
Congratulations to our Flower Shop staff for earning the award of Top 100 Teleflora Florists in the United States!

There are over 10,000 florists in the United States who are members of Teleflora and we are so proud of our designers, support staff and delivery drivers for their limitless talent and excellent customer service!

Thank you for making Countryside look good with every arrangement created and delivered!
Congratulations to all of our Graduates!

We are grateful for the time you have spent with us here at Countryside and wish you the best futures!
Jack Freeman, Trinity Oaks Christian Academy, Garden Center Carryout
Samantha "Sammie" Follett, Home School Graduate, Greenhouse Associate
Olivia "Livvie" Baughman, Crystal Lake Central, Greenhouse Associate
Neil Ray, ISU Degree in Horticulture, Landscape Associate
Here are some links to wonderful organizations who have troves of information, activities and so much more about pollinator gardens, native plants and the likes there of... enjoy!
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