T he Preservation of Rural Iowa Alliance December 22, 2016
We CAN Celebrate!!!!
Today Clean Line officially filed WITHDRAWAL for the proposed RICL high voltage transmission line with the Iowa Utilities Board.

This filing included withdrawal of RICL's petition for franchise in all 16 counties in Iowa.
Click on these links to read the filing:  
Cover Letter
Filing for all 16 counties 

Several articles have already been published across the state regarding the withdrawal of RICL petitions in Iowa.

Quad City Times

Des Moines Register

Click each link to read these articles. 
What does this mean to Iowa Landowners? 

Clean Line (RICL) has determined they cannot meet the scheduling guidelines established by the IUB. With the Supreme Court activities in Illinois related to this project they have decided not to use their resources to continue in Iowa at this time.
Click to read the Clean Line press release from today (December 22, 2016). 

We have consulted with our legal firm and their interpretation of this filing or any further filings for this transmission line is as follows: 

478.6A Iowa Code, is absent any lanquage to handle a withdrawal of Petitions and only sets a 60 month waiting period upon a matter that was "rejected". Therefore since RICL was not rejected they can refile and start a new Petitions at any time.  All notice and deadline requirements will start over as if the Petitions are filed for the first time. 

Main Points:
  • RICL can file at any time but they will be required to start all over again.  This is very good news for us!!  
  • They will now wait until the Illinois Supreme Court makes a decision and then they will determine any next steps in Iowa.
  • Any next steps would include starting all over again with refiling including all informational meetings.  
  1. Our organization's legal team will do a final review of Clean Lines filing. 
  2. We are also reviewing the recent changes in the Iowa Code that impact this filing to be sure we understand how this may impact landowners in the future.
  3. We will continue to monitor all activity by Clean Line (RICL) as they move forward with the Illinois portion of this project.
  4. We will communicate with the Iowa Utilities Board to be certain we understand how any future files can and would possibly occur.
  5. It is critical that we continue to support our partners in Illinois and other states that are fighting Clean Line transmission lines.  Click here to find the most up to date information from Illinois. 
  6. The upcoming legislative session may provide opportunities to protect private property rights for Iowans.  We will continue to work on this important goal. 
Do not hesitate to email or call us with any questions that you have.  
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  

This Holiday Season we would like you to take time to celebrate what we have accomplished. Thank you for all of your work and support over the past 3 years.   

Our success is directly related to a large group of people with a common goal!

Take time with family and friends - enjoy our success.  After the holidays we will be back together as a board of directors to determine what our next steps will be. You can expect updates on our website, FaceBook and by newsletters.

You can be assured that our organization will continue to advocate on your behalf and monitor any and all activities by Clean Line (RICL) and the Iowa Utilities Board.

Happy Holidays - do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

- Carolyn Sheridan, Board of Director President 
- Steve Licht, Vice President
- Cindy Kassel, Secretary
- Paul Swanson, Treasurer
- Dave Weber 
- Diane Darr 
- Eric Andersen
- Henry Schnakenberg 
- Jerry Crew
- Kim Junker
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