OVERTIME: E & F. #1-4

(Pages 32-33 of your Union Contract)

E. In the event of unknown or anticipated coverage needs and the Employer becomes aware of these needs less than twelve (12) hours in advance, the Employer will seek volunteers among qualified Employees already working or through prior obtained volunteer sheets where Employees said they would work on short notice at various predetermined times. If no qualified volunteers are available to work, then the Employer may seek non-bargaining unit Employees to work the hours necessary to meet such coverage needs then it may require/mandate employees to work the hours necessary to meet such coverage needs. Agency personnel shall be considered anticipated needs; bargaining unit employees will not be mandated to cover agency personnel.

F. Mandated overtime under E. above shall be with the following provisions: 

1. Employees will be mandated to work within needed classifications in inverse order of seniority. Placement on the seniority list for this purpose shall 33 be rotated so that the individual who is mandated to work overtime goes to the bottom of the list unless he/she specifically requests to remain at the top of the list for mandated overtime.

2. Qualifications will be defined such that the Employees working in the sub-acute vent units can be mandated to work overtime in the sub-acute vent units. Employees working in long-term care units can be mandated to work overtime in any of the long-term care units. Employees may volunteer to work on any unit provided the Employer determines that the employee is qualified to work in the unit in which he/she is volunteering. Employees may be required to work in any unit in the event of a disaster, catastrophic emergency or an Act of God.

3. No employee may be mandated to work for longer than a total of regular and overtime work of sixteen (16) hours in a day. 

4. The Employer will not mandate overtime on an individual who has already volunteered to work a shift. Per Diem Employees who have made themselves available to work are not deemed to have volunteered. Employees who are mandated shall not be required to the following day.

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