In recent months JNESO informed members of the new process for the posting and signing up for available time.

By now everyone should have an employee email to receive communication from employer/Human Resources.

  • If you have not received an employee email, please contact Miranda in Human Resources and contact JNESO so that we can assist you in this matter.

  • All available time will be sent via email for members to sign up. If you have any questions about signing up for available time please reach out to a Local Officer or call the JNESO office.

  • If you have signed up for available time and have been denied in the past 6 months, call or email the JNESO office with dates/shifts you signed up for and did not get or was denied.

  • Our goal is to ensure that Bargaining Unit members are getting the email and getting first choice as per the contract to work all available time.

  • Available time includes; Vacations, LOAs, unanticipated time, 1 day PTO scheduled time off and any other days the employer has a need to fill on the schedule/shifts.

  • Agency should only work available time if/when bargaining unit members did not sign up and/or are unavailable to fill the need or work.

For questions or concerns, contact your

Labor Representative: Yolanda Brewer | (800) 292-0542 x124

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