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Caucus: Fall 2021
Center for Conflict Resolution
Dear CCR Community:

As you’ll see in this issue, it’s a busy fall season at CCR! CCR continues to play a key role in eviction response throughout the state, including the Early Resolution Program in Cook County (in partnership with the Circuit Court, Cook County, the Chicago Bar Foundation and legal aid partner organizations), and statewide mediator training for the Eviction Help Illinois program (in partnership with the Illinois Equal Justice Foundation). This month, CCR has resumed work convening community members to give feedback on a variety of Chicago Police Department policies, giving citizens an important voice in policing policy. Work continues on the Community-Police Mediation pilot program, which is expected to launch in January. Through all of these initiatives, CCR continues its tradition of providing timely responses to the needs of our community.

If you would like to make a donation in support of the Community-Police Mediation program, please click HERE.

Please join me in welcoming the new additions to our Board of Directors, as well as a couple of tiny new mediators in our community (cute baby pictures below!)

Request for New Sims

CCR is always on the look-out for new training simulations for its 40-hour trainings, for the MMP program, and for volunteers who return to CCR after an absence who want to brush up on their skills.
We are asking all volunteers who are interested to share mediations they’ve conducted that might be good for training simulations. We would, of course, change any identifying information in order to maintain party confidentiality.
CCR has a template we can send you to fill out, or you can share the idea with Cookie and we will transfer your idea into the template format.
If you are interested, you can send a draft to Cookie Levitz at, or call her at 312-343-2127. We will also accept ideas for sims you have, even if they've never been actually mediated.
If you also have thoughts of how to “catalogue” your case in terms of what it tests, that would be helpful. For example:
A)    Is the subject matter easy or difficult?
B)    Does it test emotions?
C)    Is it really good for practicing the mechanics of the mediation process?
D)   Does it push the mediator to uncover needs & interests?
E)    Does it challenge the mediator due to highly emotional parties?
Your contribution to CCR’s treasure trove of simulations is important to keep our trainers from becoming bored and stimulate the trainees, and who knows, you might actually see your contribution in action at CCR.
Thank you all.
JV Re-entry Mediation Program 
Interested in learning more about CCR's JV Re-entry Mediation program? Here is an RSI report on the program and an article on the program published in Dispute Resolution Journal written by Rae Kyritsi and Ginevra Francesconi.
Core Values Volunteer Spotlight: Sophia Allen
Sophia Allen
CCR Programs Manager Jim Alrutz recognizes Sophia Allen for exemplifying our core value of Inspire Growth & Success. Sophia shows deep engagement in debriefing sessions, a consistently demonstrated desire to learn and grow, and support for her fellow mediators during debrief sessions. Thank you, Sophia!
New Mediator
Support Program
In support of CCR’s core values of Inclusivity and Collaborative Spirit, CCR’s Volunteer Council is looking for experienced volunteer mediators who would be interested in joining an ongoing effort to assist newly certified mediators. This program was started earlier this year and is expected to grow with the upcoming certification of mediators who are participating in the Mediator Mentorship Program. For those interested, more information can be found HERE.
Welcome New Board Members!
Congratulations to CCR Auxiliary Board Co-Chair, Alex Weinstein, and his wife, Nicole, on the birth of Skyler Brayden Weinstein!
Congratulations to former staff member and current Auxiliary Board member, Stacey Jonas Weiler, and her husband, Kevin Weiler, on the birth of Clare Weiler!
Artist Among Us!
CCR partner, Doug Fogelson, has two art exhibits in progress.

The first, Reverb, a photographic exhibition and sound performance, is at Indiana University Northwest in Gary, IN through January 20, 2022.

The second, Nature Now, features the work of several artists that "explore the transient and cylclical nature of life and reflect upon the impact humans have on the world." It runs at the Lubeznik Center for the Arts in Michigan City, IN through February 25, 2022.
Media Mention 
Read about CCR's evictions work in the Eviction Lab's blog post, Eviction Diversion: Preventing Eviction Before Going to Court.
Core Values Volunteer Spotlight:
Howard Epstein
CCR's Director of Training, Pari Karim, recognizes Howard Epstein for our core value of Collaborative Spirit.

Pari says: "Howard always answers any call for assistance. No job is too small for Howard and no job is too big. He would write a check when we need money and he would also help clean up Diet Coke when I exploded one in the office.

He is always seeking feedback and is one of our trainees' consistent favorites for his ability to give supportive, constructive feedback. And he is always celebrating other volunteers in meetings."
Core Values Nomination
Have you seen a member of the CCR Community doing a great job demonstrating one of our Core Values? Nominate them to be featured in Caucus!
Do you have general thoughts/comments/ideas related to our Core Values initiative? Let us know! 

Share your thoughts HERE.

Our special thanks to staff member Larissa Hachinski and Auxiliary Board member Jessica Sullivan-Wilson for leading this year’s Core Values Implementation team, who will continue to help CCR find meaningful ways to incorporate our Core Values into all of our organizational activities and practices.
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Reflective Practice Group! 

Every first Wednesday of the month at noon via Zoom. Discuss a recent mediation, trends in ADR, or anything mediation-related with your fellow volunteers and Programs Manager Maia Buess.
Please contact Maia for more information.
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Continuing Ed Program!
Do you have a great idea for
a speaker or topic for an upcoming Continuing Ed Program? If so, we would love to hear your thoughts.
Please email Continuing Ed Committee Chair, Jonah Orlofsky