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In every school, for every child.

Create a Culture of Kids Doing Something Right.

Signage ONE provides an easy to use platform for promoting the success of students. How? It's simple. You tell us what outstanding behavior was demonstrated and we create an engaging digital message for the whole school to see!

Signage ONE provides an easy way to share your campus' values, goals, and culture with the students, parents, and guests of your school. Parents want to see their children being recognized and Signage ONE empowers you to deliver that message all year long. Highlight all your students' successes with limitless digital signage and content.

Digital Flyer Examples Include:

Perfect Attendance

MVP (Sports)

Honor Roll


Student of the Month

Kind Student Award

Why it's important to utilize digital displays.

Since COVID, the percentage of misbehavior has increased drastically. However, the reliance on visual cues and digital displays have also increased exponentially. By catching the kids doing something right, we can help foster positive behaviors, leading to improved emotional and mental health, increased community in class, and a safer atmosphere, ensuring the successful future of students as they achieve a higher education.

10 Benefits of Promoting Positivity in Schools

1.Increased Student Engagement

Students who exhibit positive behavior are more likely to contribute to discussions and collaborate with their peers, fostering a dynamic and interactive learning experience.

2.Enhanced Parental Involvement

Parents are more likely to actively participate in school activities, collaborate with teachers, and support their child's education when they see a positive and nurturing school environment.

3.Improved School Culture & Community

Students, teachers, and staff feel a sense of belonging and pride in their school community, leading to stronger faculty relationships, increased partnerships, and a more positive overall atmosphere.

4.Better Discipline & Reduced Behavioral Issues

When schools focus on reinforcing positive behavior rather than punitive measures, students are more motivated to make positive choices, resulting in a decrease in disruptive behaviors and disciplinary incidents.

5.Positive Peer Relationships

Positive behavior promotes empathy, respect, and cooperation which creates a supportive social network within the school. This can reduce instances of bullying, exclusion, and other negative behaviors.

6.Improved Learning Environment

When students feel safe, respected, and supported, they can focus better on their studies, leading to increased engagement and academic achievement.

7.Enhanced Classroom Management

When students follow established rules and guidelines, disruptions are minimized, allowing teachers to spend more time on instruction rather than dealing with disciplinary issues.

8.Better Social & Emotional Development

Promoting positive behavior helps students learn valuable skills such as self-regulation, empathy, conflict resolution, and responsible decision-making - all of which are crucial for their personal and interpersonal development.

9.Higher Attendance & Lower Dropout Rates

Students who feel valued and respected are more likely to attend school regularly and stay engaged in their education, reducing the risk of dropout and improving overall success.

10.Preparation for Success

Promoting positivity instills valuable life skills in students that extend beyond the classroom. These skills include positive thinking, resilience, effective communication, and self-motivation, which can benefit them throughout their lives.

What would you celebrate in your students and schools?

Find out how we can help you and your students grow through the use of digital signage.

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