March 15, 2023

Case Manager's Corner:

Special CCM System Update Edition

Care and Case Management System News

Message from Amanda Lofgren,

Case Management and Quality Performance Division Director

On Friday, March 3, Amanda Lofgren sent the following email update to Case Management Agencies and other partners about the upcoming implementation of the Care and Case Management (CCM) system.

I am writing to provide an update on the Care and Case Management (CCM) system. As of yesterday, significant work on operational readiness has been completed! 

A few highlights: 

  • All requested user accounts for the CCM system have been provisioned. 
  • 100% of users have received training with VILT 1, 93% on VILT 2 and 85% on VILT 3. The training team is working closely with the project team to incorporate the feedback you all have shared by enhancing existing desk/job aids, developing additional desk/job aids and planning for more demonstrations.
  • The CCM system team has also been working feverishly and are just under 90% pass rate for all User Acceptance Testing! 

As some of you may know, yesterday afternoon was a big milestone for this project as there is a formal project review to determine a Go-No Go decision for a March 13 deployment to production with GoLive on March 14 for our community partners. As of today, there are four outstanding risks that are tied to our decision; Reports, Data Migration, Severity 2 defects (meaning no work around identified) and the Call Center. After significant discussions over the last week and closely monitoring the status updates for each of these, a No Go decision was made. 

Please know this is not a reflection of the extraordinary work that has and is being done on this project every day as we are SO SO close. This is exactly why it is the right decision. We simply need a few more weeks to work collaboratively through the issues and feel confident with the Get To Green path for these remaining areas. The Department team and all our wonderful partners have worked so hard to get to this point and doing it right is more important than hitting a date. While we can't let the perfect be the enemy of the good, day one needs to be reflective and celebrated for the success that comes from dedication, commitment, grit and incredible collaboration that this project exemplifies. As this will ultimately be put to test by you and your team's ability to effectively use and navigate the new system day one. This additional time will also allow for more practice in the train environment with the additional training resources.

Over the next several days we will be working with our vendors to update the project schedule and identify the new GoLive date and send additional communications out. We will continue with all of the work currently underway to implement the CCM system- hear me- we are not slowing down. It is also important to share that we will continue to have the Operational Readiness Review with CMS next Thursday, March 9, which is just one more indication of how close we are to Go Live. 

Training for supervisors will be held next week as scheduled. We will use this time to demonstrate a 100.2 completion, critical incident reporting, creating a program card, use of activity log and time tracking, etc. We also will review the list of job aids to hear from you what additional materials would be beneficial to support your case managers in learning the new system.

I am sure that reading this there is a mix of emotions felt and I am more than happy to connect if you have questions or want to chat further.  


Amanda Lofgren

Please note: Case Management work will continue according to the status quo; the BUS and DDDWeb will continue to function normally and will NOT change to "Read Only" on Friday, March 9. All dates previously associated with the March 14 Go Live date will change and be announced when the new "Go Live" date has been identified. 

Phase I CCM System Functionality

Phase I: CCM Statewide

  • Includes: Legacy ULTC 100.2 SP in the CCM
  • Excludes: Streamline Eligibility & CSA & PCSP

Systems Access: Provisioning, Train and Production Support

Pre-Go Live Support and Assistance for Train

Join the standing Teams Meeting Link to receive live support Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. MT, or email for questions about access (including user name and password resets) to the Care and Case Management system Train Environments through March 31, 2023. 

Go Live Support and Assistance

Case managers are to contact the Provider Services Call Center at 1-844-235-2387 or email beginning the day the CCM goes live to obtain help with CCM Train/Prod.

When calling, case managers should say “Case Manager” when prompted/“password” when asked, “how may I help you?”

3rd Party Access Form Submission

  • All 3rd Party access forms received on or after Feb. 15, 2023, will be processed after Go Live.
  • Submit new forms to
  • Application tracking for the Bridge and the CCM, most current form will continue to be provided on the BUS Stop for now.
  • CCM User Support

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