August opens to full summer in Los Angeles where daily temperatures are solidly in the mid-80’s but the low humidity and light breeze leave it feeling like “vacation”, even for those of us at work.

The Hollywood Bowl , my personal favorite summer hangout during summer, is in full concert swing -- where problems melt away as music drifts across the cool canyon. Everyone is dressed much more casually, so now the tourists cannot be identified from the locals. It’s a nice moment to live in this city --- except for the street construction on every other block. Not sure why they decide to rebuild the streets in July and August?

Mortgage Interest Rates this time last year were fixed at 3.95%. Now, they are 4.6%, just in case you are tracking their slow but solid rise. They are lower now than they will probably be next year, so it remains a good time to purchase . Prices have risen to perhaps their highest point, which is a balancing act for affordability if one uses a mortgage to purchase a residence. Fact is, it just isn’t possible to “time” a market for best buying or selling moment. Jump right in -- after you conduct your research, or, save yourself time and work with a reputable, experienced real estate agent. We’ve seen these cycles before and have the knowledge to navigate the unexpected twists & turns.

While working these past couple of weeks on selling the Brady Bunch house in Studio City, I happened to discover a fun & relaxing restaurant. The Front Yard , located at the Garland Hotel on Vineland is a celebration of 70’s style, with delicious comfort food. It also echoes California design of the same period. You half expect to see Ali McGraw or Steve McQueen walk through the door. Click here to visit their website . Try it, I promise you’ll like it!


9470 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 120
Beverly Hills, CA 90212