Six months of 2018 have now elapsed – what a difference it has made in our World!
Sure, there are changes in our real estate market which are worth discussing, but I’m also addressing the sea changes we see on our daily news feed, in America and around the globe. If ever there was a time that your contribution to society would be appreciated, it is now.

How can you contribute? Well, you pay taxes, so that is a worthy contribution. I assume you vote, and that counts as well. But now, neither of those are enough.
Your voice is your contribution. And whether we would agree or not isn’t important. The sacred gift of freedom is to let your voice be heard and to realize that nothing is free. Our freedom came at great cost. Let it not be squandered.

Los Angeles real estate continues to set records. Everyone asks when the Merry-go-Round will cease. I honestly don’t know. There are certainly no signs of it, but indications that what worked in 2017’s market, doesn’t work in 2018. Prices are all over the place. Our market moves faster now and seemingly “in clumps”. Groups of luxury homes seem to sell within close timing, then there is a spell where activity appears to stall. No one has the complete answer: prices are high; demand is also high; and interest rates are rising. These things we know.

The next 6 months will likely change our tune as much as the first 6. Stay tuned for excitement. And please--make a difference in your World close at home.



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