The Fourth Quarter begins and so does the annual sprint to Year-End, holiday celebrations, travel and the year’s best times with family or friends. Business continues at a brisk pace, but we are all aware of the ticking clock and what lies just ahead for all of us. If you are actively in the market now, October is your absolute best month to sell or to buy and I can explain why.

For Sellers , every serious buyer is fully engaged with their search process for these next 4 weeks, plus--they feel the time pressure that is prevalent. To capture their interest, be sure your property is absolutely priced to the market statistics in your neighborhood. The winner of this competition won’t be the prettiest or largest house ---- it will be the one that impresses buyers with its logical market pricing against the competition. Reduce now --- or List now . The Buyers will show up at your door, I promise. There are plenty of them.

For Buyers , every serious Seller is aware of the dwindling timeline to sell their property before the holiday shutdown and distractions. If they’ve been on the market since summer, they have read the tea leaves and are now priced correctly---or ready to negotiate to the fair market value. There remains good inventory from which to select. By late November, sellers will begin to withdraw or wait to early 2019 to re-enter the market, so your inventory selection shrinks. Find it now!

Our team agents are the best in the business. This month we are pleased to spotlight 2 of our Associates who have made an impressive mark recently. Please find yourself on the Treat side for this Halloween… none of us want to be tricked ! Enjoy the fun. 



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