MARCH is my “ Take Your Dog With You” month, which I independently declared due to our love for pets. If you scroll down below to see the Dog Friendly Spots … in my Blog feature below, you will also find the portrait of my 2 dogs Mattye & Willy who were with me for 13 years and now are chasing the Eternal Rabbit Race in the heavens above.

Home Sales Activity is down 17% at beginning of 2019 compared to 2018’s beginning. In fact, January was the slowest home selling pace since 2008. December saw a 20% downturn in selling pace compared with the December prior. This means good houses continue to sell, those that are well-priced. The ones that suffer are the over-priced ones, or the ones displaying too many faults & challenges compared to the competition. 

We have just closed numerous Multiple Offer sales for our clients since December. We believe this is a good market and have prepared our Sellers to price reasonably ---which gets them immediate traction. Our Buyers understand it is a very good time to buy for economic reasons, with perhaps the largest available inventory in 10 years.  How can they lose? The wise ones are purchasing now in order to have a maximum shopping benefit. 

Some good news --- Los Angeles Home Prices ROSE 2.6%. This means that even with a slowing pace of activity, the prices are holding relatively firm…unless they are in the upper luxury market or New Construction. The activity slowdown has primarily been tracked in the New Construction category. Sellers -- take advantage of this good news now. March is the perfect month to consider selling.

Now, back to those dogs …