December is the month that many of us anticipate all year long…for numerous reasons. Sure, the holidays. More than that, it is the final business month of the year and many of us assess how we fared in our goal achievements, set back on New Year’s Day with our Resolutions. Also, it’s the month we seriously consider  others . Who will receive gifts from us? Who will receive charity? Who will receive visits from us? Many decisions are required to navigate the month of December successfully and…with cheer.

May I suggest that December is the month for Truth and Acceptance? No other month allows us to look in the rearview mirror and to assess truthfully how well we stayed the course…of business, friendship, or service to others. And, how well did we treat  ourselves ? Did we take it all for granted? Did it rush by in a blur and we’re not sure how we arrived in December suddenly? Hopefully, we appreciated  every day  for the gift it is. 

This year I took more trips abroad than any other year in my life. Italy, France then Israel. It was truly a year of broad perspective. I still feel proud and fortunate to be an American, and was reminded while in all those other countries. There were some moments of wincing, I must admit, due to news emanating from our country around the World, but I found that foreigners were very accepting of us as Americans. We still have stature and presence, in spite of the nightly news drama. 

So we will pick up the real estate statistics in January and prepare to work the market as it comes. Meanwhile, with the season at hand, I wish you good cheer, good friends, much time with loved ones and family and goodwill shown to all.

- Ernie


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