APRIL opens to our unbeatable California weather following a wet winter leaving our Bel Air and Sunset Strip hillsides looking as green as Ireland. One of the most lovely March & April duets I’ve ever seen in Los Angeles. We do live in Paradise!

Real Estate market activity has noticeably picked up, with Buyers flooding our open houses and homes receiving offers that may have been waiting for 3 months or longer. Prices are being reined in more realistically for most new properties launching now as compared to 6 months ago. The message has been heard by discriminating Sellers -- price tightly for current market condition and you will receive immediate interest from Buyers .

Buyers were activated by the lowest mortgage rates in 2 years --- historically still very low, and a rush of buying activity accentuated March, which we feel is continuing as we open April. Buyers and Sellers --- do your best , this is a realistic market for both of you, and you can prevail if you are intelligently tuned to current market behavior. I cannot be more direct than that.

This week, our Team sat for a fun photo session at a legendary estate setting in Fryman Estates , longtime residence for the Vons family, of grocery store fame. Here’s a sneak preview of our upcoming website team portrait and a few moments of the enjoyable time shared when the team comes together to network … or be photographed. Enjoy your Spring!