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A Seasonal Newsletter from

Naturopathic Health Care


Amy Rothenberg ND & Paul Herscu ND, MPH

Summer Solstice 2024


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Dear Family, Friends, Students, and Patients

Happy Summer! We are slipping into a first week of hot weather and while trying to keep cool are also marveling at our mini fruit farm. After several tough years of losing peaches and other delectables, we are on track for some bumper crops, so fingers crossed!

We hope you've had some time to change up your routine, try something new, or generally hit a more relaxed stride as we move through summer solstice.


I continue to feel better and better after my miraculous stem cell transplant for the treatment of leukemia in January. My naturopathic medicine roots have me leaning into the right-for-me diet, consistent exercise, gentle natural medicines, and surrounding myself with those I love.

These are the perfect complement to advances in oncologic medicine — which I am extremely grateful for. I look forward to getting back to practice this fall. Thank you for your ongoing good wishes and positive thoughts, it has meant the world to Paul and me!


Amy (& Paul!)

PS Here is a series of pieces I wrote throughout my treatment entitled Field Notes From Fifty-Five Fruit Street which if you are so inclined, you can read through and take a ride through some intense but also compelling moments.

How to Best Support our Caregivers

by Dr Amy Rothenberg

Care Givers

Former First Lady of the United States Rosalind Carter said, “There are only four types of people in the world: those who have been caregivers, who are caregivers, who will be caregivers, and who will need caregivers.” I could not agree more! 

In my 38-plus years of practice, I have seen and treated many caregivers. Sometimes, it’s a person who brings their charge in for treatment, yet I can see their own health and vitality is flagging. Sometimes, it’s a person who is struggling after the loss of a dear one they took care of for years or decades. Sometimes, it’s a parent who has fallen ill from the ongoing demands of caring for a disabled child with inadequate respite.


I view caregiving as a form of stress for the caregiver, which can range anywhere from mild to severe and from brief to endless. Caregiving will push a person to their limits. It may push them further into their typical chronic underlying health issues and patterns, or it may bump them into a whole new kind and level of pathology across physical, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual planes.

Read the full article here

RECIPE: Avocado Lined Quiche

Here’s one of my favorite quiche recipes

I love how you layer the sliced avocado on the bottom of the crust and it serves as a sort of smooth barrier between the other contents and the crispy crust. I keep store bought gluten free pie crust in the freezer these days for an easy, party favorite.

I am also very loose on the actual ingredients, meaning I may mix sour cream, yogurt, tzatziki for that creamy dairy part and apply any kind of grated cheese in these approximate amounts. I also may chop up any veggies that need to be used and layer in. Similar to a frittata, these recipes are very forgiving. For this one pictured I used a horseradish cheddar that had a bit of a kick! Bon Appetit!

You Finished Treatment, Now What?

A Field Guide for Cancer Survivors

Dr. Rothenberg's book is an Amazon Bestseller and Nautilus Book Award winner!

You can find it anywhere books are sold as an ebook, or in soft and hard cover. Dr. Rothenberg also read the book for Audible.

To keep up with book related info,


If you'd like a signed copy of the book for yourself or a loved one, email office(at) and we'll be in touch about logistics!

Join us for FOUNDATIONS of HOMEOPATHY Online Course

Introducing the Fundamentals:

Many of you know that we've been teaching homeopathy—one modality in our natural medicine toolbox—for decades. Most of our students are physicians or other health care providers. But we hear from providers and patients alike that you'd love a more introductory course. So we created one to answer questions like: What is homeopathy? What are the basic tools used by the homeopathic provider? How can homeopathy be used in first aid, acute, and chronic illnesses? It is also a good launching point if you are interested in taking our Two-Year Develop Expertise in Homeopathy Online Course.

(Here we are front of the Washington DC statue of the Samuel Hahnemann, founder of homeopathy.)

We are offering this fully online, 12 Hour Introductory Course on the history, theory, and practice of homeopathy for those who would like to learn first-hand about this gentle approach to healing. On your own time, from the comfort of your home, we hope you'll join us! Jump in when it works for you; enrollment begins on the 1st of any month. We look forward to learning with you!


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