August 29, 2022

Workplace Communication

Enjoy this Career Headlines that starts a four-part series about workplace communication, a

No. 1 skill that employers report new hires often lack. With strong communication skills, you can be a standout in the workplace. 

The Five Types of Communication

The 5 types of communication are verbal, written, non-verbal, listening, and visual communication. 

  • Verbal communication happens when we engage in speaking with others. In the workplace, this can be done face-to-face, over the telephone, or even on video chat. 
  • Written communication can be an email, a memo, a report, or even a bulletin board in the breakroom.
  • Non-verbal communication includes facial expressions, posture, eye contact, and hand movements. What we do while we speak often says more than the actual words.
  • Active listening is an important part of communication in every job. Tips for active listening include not interrupting, staying focused, and asking questions.
  • Visual communication is when we use graphic elements to communicate ideas and information. Think pictures, charts, videos, and signage in the workplace.

Non Verbal Communication

Work Place Example: 

In many jobs you will have regular meetings with your supervisor. During the meetings you may notice you have certain body language that shows you are engaged. You should sit up tall, nod your head in agreement, and keep eye contact instead of gazing off into the distance.



Work Place Example:

A waiter at a restaurant must actively listen in order to accurately take the order and note any food modifications. Food modifications can be tied to allergies, so actively listening is not only good customer service but also important for the safety of the customer.

Visual Communication

Work Place Example:

In salons cosmetologists often use visual communication like service price lists and pictures. This type of visual communication is intended to show customers what they can expect from a certain style or treatment. It will guide the cosmetologist in offering services and help the customer make a decision.

Think, Pair, Share!

Using the above "Five Types of Communication": Think about a specific time when you have used each of the different types of communication in jobs or in school. Pair with a partner and compare your findings or write a few sentences to discuss your experiences.

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