Keeping Our Students and Community Safe

Annandale High School along with Safe Communities of Wright County will be sponsoring a Mock Crash event on Wednesday, April 24th, from 9:15-10:45AM. This mock crash scene will be observed by all AHS juniors and seniors at the Rec Park and will include various first response units from our local community. We understand that seeing a car accident scene and first response teams could be very alarming to onlookers that are unaware, so please help spread the word regarding our Mock Crash event.

The purpose of this Mock Crash event is to educate teens and young adults about the impact of reckless driving, reinforce the importance of using seat belts and paying attention behind the wheel, and to show possible consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol and/or while distracted. The goal is to reduce crashes, injuries, and deaths involving young drivers and their passengers.

Annandale High School plans to sponsor a mock crash event every other year to allow for all students to have the opportunity to view this once during their high school career.







Mark Your Calendars

  • Monday, April 22 - School Board Meeting
  • Tuesday, April 23 - Kindergarten Concert
  • Wednesday, April 24 - AHS Mock Crash Event
  • Thursday, April 25 - 2nd & 3rd Grade Concert
  • Saturday, April 27 - Prom
  • Monday, April 29 - AMS Buddies Last Day
  • Wednesday, May 1 - AHS Academic Awards
  • Wednesday, May 1 - AES Unity Day
  • Wednesday, May 1 - Scholarship Awards Night
  • Monday, May 6 - Special School Board Meeting
  • Monday, May 6 - AMS Band Concert
  • Wednesday, May 8 - AHS Band Concert
  • Wednesday, May 15 - AHS Choir Concert
  • Friday, May 17 - 8th Grade Service Learning Day Adventure
  • Monday, May 20 - AES Fun and Fitness
  • Monday, May 20 - AMS Parent Advisory Council
  • Monday, May 20 - AMS Choir Concert
  • Monday, May 20 - School Board Meeting
  • Friday, May 24 - Graduation
  • Monday, May 27 - Memorial Day-No School
  • Thursday, May 30 - Last Day of 4th Quarter


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Annandale Preschool Highlights

During the week of April 8 we celebrated the Week of the Young Child! The Week of the Young Child is a time to celebrate young children as well as thank Early Childhood Teachers and everyone involved in the care and education of young children.

This week, we celebrated Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) turning 50 years old in Minnesota! How did we celebrate? With a Carnival! It was an incredibly fun celebration for our youngest learners, nothing better than a carnival!

Annandale Elementary News

Pictured: AES students venturing outside to see the unique celestial event on April 8. The clouds parted just enough to allow a cool glimpse!

AES Fun & Fitness Day will be held on Monday, May 20, 2024. In case of rain, the make-up day will be Tuesday, May 21. Students should wear tennis shoes and comfortable clothes that day. All events and activities will be held on the track/football field. Spectators should park in the elementary school parking lot (not the high school). After the event, you can meet your child on the AES fields.

The schedule will be as follows: 5th grade: 8:15-9:00AM, 4th grade: 9:15-10:00AM, 3rd grade: 10:15-11:00AM, Kindergarten: 12:00-12:45PM, 1st grade: 1:00-1:45PM, and 2nd grade: 2:00-2:45PM.

Our elementary school held "Battle of the Books" for 4th and 5th grade students again this year! Participation was optional and students joined together as teams of 2 or 3 to read 12 books. On April 3rd and 4th, semi-final rounds were held with 40 teams (109 students) competing in book trivia. On April 10, 14 teams competed in the final round. We awarded ribbons and prizes to the top 3 teams. Congratulations to our winners!

  • 1st Place: E. Becker, A. Brose, L. Lund (5th Grade)
  • 2nd Place: A. Dingmann, V. Ende, E. Totz (5th Grade)
  • 3rd Place: L. Hoeft, L. Moeller, J. Polston (5th Grade)

5th grade Math Masters had 10 students participate in the Sartell competition on Wednesday, April 10. Annandale brought 2 teams:

❤️Annandale Red: 6th Place

🖤Annandale Black: 9th Place

There were 60 individuals who competed in the Individual Rounds with the top 10 awarded.

Congratulations to Annandale’s Brayton Fischer on 10th place!

4th Grade Math Masters had 10 students participate in the Sartell competition on Wednesday, April 10.

❤️Annandale Red: 3rd place

🖤Annandale Black: 4th place

Out of 69 individuals who competed the top 10 were awarded.

“Fact Drill Round”

1st place: G. Erdal & C. Orvik (tie)

3rd place: R. Rudenberg

4th place: G. Moravec

6th place: M. Neutz

7th place: M. Lachmansingh

Individual Overall

2nd place: R. Rudenberg

4th place: G. Moravec

6th place: C. Orvik

7th place: G. Erdal

9th place: M. Lachmansingh

Congratulations to our students on their individual and team successes!

Middle School Minutes

Pictured: Congratulations to our Students of the Month!

8th Grade Service Learning Day: On Friday, May 17th, the eighth grade students will participate in a service project. Classes will discuss the value of community service and giving back to others. Then they will board buses to help different organizations: Camp Courage, Camp Friendship (True Friends), Pioneer Park, City of Annandale, Wright County Park and Recreation, Annandale Care Center and other places! Upon their return students will have a special outdoor picnic. After the picnic they will complete high school orientation for the upcoming year and receive their schedules.

Parents and volunteer chaperones are needed. Buses will depart at 8:45 AM and return around noon. Chaperones are invited to the school picnic lunch as well. If you would like to volunteer or chaperone or have questions, please contact Annandale Youth First at 320-274-0636 or   

Our sixth grade social studies curriculum is focused on Minnesota Studies. As a fun way to tie together what they have been learning all year the students embarked on a field trip to the Mill City Museum and the State Capitol. At the Mill City Museum, they participated in a water lab where they manipulated water flow to power turbines, assembled a model of Minneapolis on the riverbanks including bridges over the river, and learned about how the city of Minneapolis was developed because of the Mississippi. At the Capitol, students were given a tour. Students saw a legislative chamber, the governor's reception room that holds a painting from their textbook, the golden horses (53 steps up), and the rotunda with the chandelier in the dome. Due to MCA testing this field trip sends 3 groups. Our last group will attend on April 24.

High School Happenings

Annandale seniors BellaRose Gonzales, Megan Hinkemeyer, Vincent Rasset, Ava Townsend and Mandara Romness will be recognized during the "Students of Excellence" event on April 24th at the St. Cloud River's Edge Convention Center. These five exemplary students were selected based on following criteria:

  • achievement of a commendable grade point average and/or demonstration of a combination of academic achievement, leadership skills, and school/community involvement
  • are an exemplary, positive role model to fellow students, as well as staff
  • make a difference every day in the lives of fellow students, staff, and their community

Congratulations and best of luck to this fabulous five - we know that the tenacity and skills you’ve attained during your high school career will be pivotal as you explore the next phase in your life!

Annandale High School's Prom Grand March will be held on April 27th at 4PM in the AHS Gym. Spectators can begin entering through the auditorium entrance doors at 3:15PM. Spectators attending are welcome to come take pictures in the commons prior to Grand March. Click here to purchase Grand March spectator tickets for $4.50 each. Spectator ticket sales help lower the cost of student prom tickets for the following year. Our students put a lot of time and effort into making Grand March a memorable event, we appreciate the spectators who attend!

Our newest Seniors of the Week are Dalton Mavencamp and Isabelle Owens! Dalton and Isabelle show what it takes to be a Senior of the Week, a good work ethic, a super attitude and a BIG Cardinal Spirit! What’s the big deal about being Senior of the Week? They get the prime, upfront, BEST parking places!

Cardinal Activities

From his coaches, "Owen is a positive leader on the track team. He takes time to help out our younger athletes by giving them advice and supporting them during practice and at meets. Owen has taken on a leadership role over the last year. He spent time bringing others with him to the weight room. He takes time after his practice to mentor our younger athletes."

The best way to prevent injury, gain strength, and grow as a team is through working together. Our Summer Strength and Conditioning registration is now open for student entering grades 7-12 in the 24-25 school year. This program is led by athletes and coaches from Annandale, St. John's University, and the College of St. Benedict. CLICK TO REGISTER.

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