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Carbon Capture Technologies and Natural Climate Solutions: 1+1 = 3

Dovetail’s carbon capture report provides an introduction to technologies for carbon dioxide removal (CDR), the policy and regulatory context, and the role of the forest and wood products sector. Dovetail designed this infographic to highlight the role of the forest and wood products sector.

Biochar Factsheets and Application Guide Available from the Great Plains Biochar Initiative

The biochar factsheets are part of a larger initiative, The Great Plains Biochar Initiative. This initiative aims to improve biochar awareness and market development in the Great Plains. It was funded by the USDA Forest Service and formalized a partnership between the Nebraska Forest Service, Kansas Forest Service, Wilson Biochar Associates, Dovetail Partners and High Plains Biochar, LLC. The partnership continues beyond the end of that initial grant with further collaboration on projects as they are developed and funded.

Learn more and download the factsheets and application guide here

Moving Forward with Eco-Anxiety: Acknowledge, Adapt, and Advance

Guest Article: By: Michelle Doerr, Anavah Consulting, LLC.

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The American Psychological Association describes eco- anxiety as “a chronic fear of environmental doom.” A 2021 study of people ages 16-25 across 10 countries points to significant levels of “eco-anxiety” in young people. More than 50% reported each of the following emotions: sad, anxious, angry, powerless, helpless, and guilty. More than 45% of respondents said their feelings about climate change negatively affected their daily life and functioning. In this article, I’ll give you a few ways to move forward with this information. I’ll offer some ways to acknowledge these feelings, overcome overwhelm and navigate these challenges.

New study of Circularity Concepts in Wood Construction co-published by the United Nations (UNECE) and FAO with Jim Bowyer and Katie Fernholz of Dovetail Partners as contributing authors

This study examines the benefits of wood as a construction material and discusses practices applied in the wood construction sector from the perspective of circularity, sustainability and climate change mitigation. It analyses how circularity concepts can be applied in the construction industry using different construction methods and at different stages of value chains. The study describes how different construction techniques and practices contribute to the renewal and sustainability of construction value chains. The analysis is supported by examples of good practice in UNECE member States. The study is the result of a cooperative effort involving a network of authors, reviewers, editors, the UNECE/FAO Team of Specialists on Sustainable Forest Products, and a team of people working in the Joint UNECE/FAO Forestry and Timber Section in Geneva and at FAO in Rome.

Read More & Download the Study

Dovetail Partners Receives $271,480 from USDA Forest Service Wood Innovations Grant Program

Dovetail Partners has been awarded a $271,480 grant through the USDA Forest Service Wood Innovations Grant Program to support a partnership between Dovetail Partners, Minnesota Power, and the Carlton Soil and Water Conservation District. Partners are contributing $283,000 in matching funds.

The USDA announced that the U.S. Department of Agriculture is investing more than $43 million to expand innovative uses of wood, including as a construction material in commercial buildings, as an energy source, and in manufacturing and processing input for wood products used in framing homes, making paper products, and more. Dovetail Partners will receive $271,480 in funding for its Northern Minnesota Closed Cycle Biochar Pilot. 

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Join Dovetail Partners at the 2023 ISA Conference

Join Dovetail Partners associate, Tamberly Conway, at the 2023 International Society of Arboriculture Annual International Conference. She will be serving on a panel discussion during the session: Don't plant trees. Grow trees for Healthy Urban Forest/Human Communities. You can also find her at the TreeDiaper booth in the exhibition hall throughout the conference, where she will be sharing the linkage between healthy trees and healthy communities.  

Dovetail Partners to Speak at WoodWorks Webinar August 8th

Speakers to address ESG, LEED, and Forest Health Topics

Registration is now open for a webinar to be hosted by WoodWorks on August 8th, 2023. The webinar "Meeting Sustainability Goals with Wood" will address topics ranging from ESG and LEED to forest health concerns. Kathryn Fernholz of Dovetail Partners is part of the three speaker line up and will address sustainable forestry in North America and the connection to innovative and responsible use of wood products. Additional speakers are Aurimas Bukauskas,  a consultant, researcher, and member of the Embodied Carbon Team at the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI), and Troy Harris, the Managing Director of Timberland and Innovative Wood Products at Jamestown. 

Webinar attendees can Earn 1.5 AIA/CES HSW LUs, 1.5 PDH credits or 0.15 ICC credits

Learn more and register at the WoodWorks website

Dovetail's 20th Anniversary & First Score Club

2023 is a big milestone for Dovetail Partners - it’s our 20th Anniversary!

We want to thank the individuals and organizations that have already responded to our invitation to join Dovetail's First Score Club!

Special thanks and much gratitude to:


  • Steve & Janet Bratkovich
  • Mike Carroll
  • Paul DeLong
  • Kedren Dillard
  • Carmen & Sally Fernholz, A-Frame Farm
  • Kay & Annette Fernholz, Earthrise Farm
  • Patrick de Freitas
  • Heather Himler
  • Tom & Mary Kroll, Kroll Consulting Forestry, LLC.
  • Thomas McLain
  • Gerry Mich
  • Norm Moody
  • Robert Scheierl
  • Beth Waterhouse


  • Jim & Ruth Bowyer
  • John Bradfield, Dedicated to My fellow Wood Science Graduates and my Professors at NC State University 1977-1982


  • CNUC
  • Domtar
  • Jill & Charles Koosmann


  • Georgia-Pacific

Donations made before November 25, 2023 (twenty years to-the-day of Dovetail’s founding!) will count toward membership in the First Score Club. Donors to the First Score Club will be recognized in Dovetail’s e-newsletter, at our website, and in our annual report. 

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