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August 2017
3 Great Reasons to Attend the
Annual Conference

"Find out why so many Fortune 500 companies are partnering with USGN!" 

For most companies, annual conferences are typically for clients only.

That’s not the case with USGN’s Annual Conference coming up October 24-25th in Tempe, AZ. (See “Lightning Strikes” below for details). We plan to have many of our prospective customers attend along with our current customers.

If you are a prospective USGN customer, there are 3 great reasons to consider attending:

1.       Learn from our clients who already use our platform to manage their projects every day! They will share experiences and provide insights into how they have customized our system to meet their specific needs within their best practices. You will be impressed with the creative ingenuity of our clients!

2.       Meet our team members that will work with and for you! From implementation and training to support and looking at additional modules, they will lead you through the process to maximize the system. Expand on the dialogue from previous demos and take it to another level!

3.      Be inspired and re-energized by our speakers including Greg Head, who co-founded SalesLogix, and Doug Sperr, Founder and CEO of USGN. You’ll also enjoy the beauty of the Tempe Mission Palms and great hospitality. What a great environment to learn about USGN’s project management platform!

If you are planning to launch a cloud-based, collaborative project management platform in 2018, then you will want to come to the conference! If you are even thinking about a platform like USGN, then you will be glad that you came to the conference! Find out what makes USGN so unique! Find out why so many Fortune 500 companies are partnering with USGN!

See you in Tempe!

Russ Otten, VP of Sales & Marketing               

Cell: 602.668.6880                                  

Where the Rubber Meets the Cloud
Client Interview
This month’s client interview is with
Scott Burr, Design Coordinator at Raley’s.

Scott has been with Raley’s Supermarkets since 1997. Raley's (also known as Raley's Family of Fine Stores) is a privately held, family-owned supermarket chain that operates stores under the Raley's, Bel Air Markets, Nob Hill Foods and Food Source names in Northern California and Nevada. Founded in 1935, Raley's employs around 12,000 workers and operates 128 stores

"USGN's system is accessible from anywhere with a connected device. With the increasing number of mobile devices being used, this is important."

Q:  What was the key reason for choosing USGN?
A: While I have been with Raley’s since before we began using USGN, I was not involved in selecting it. Our former director of facilities (since retired) was introduced to Doug (USGN’s owner) by a grocery industry acquaintance, and felt that USGN would be a more responsive company than the other company he was considering. I believe it was also based on the fact that USGN was smaller.

Q:  How does your company use the USGN platform?
A: We use as a drawing and document archive for all of our existing stores and support facilities, and to manage new store and major remodel design and construction.

Q: What features do you find most valuable?
A: It’s accessible from anywhere with a connected device. With the increasing number of mobile devices being used, this is important.

Q:  With so many users, how valuable is it to have internal teams and parties all using such a system?
A: The organized / standardized structure makes it familiar to our users with all levels of access. Key team members with extensive access understand the importance of posting information in the right place in order to make it accessible to others. Most users have lower levels of access, and are able to find the info they need about our projects through links on a simple document we’ve shared internally.

Q:  Can you give an example of how USGN improved how things work at Raley’s?
A: Before the economic downturn, there were 5 people doing what I’m now able to do. I know where everything is. So, I can point people in the right direction to access the information that they need.

Q:  What would you say to companies that do not have a collaborative, cloud-based system?
A: I’d say they probably have a big opportunity to save time and effort. Without this type of system, my guess is that there’s a lot of deviation from standard processes which could lead to time spent helping team members find information that they may be able to find themselves with a well-organized cloud-based system.

Cloud 9

USGN provides software solutions for all stages of your project life-cycle. Our software decreases the costs and time it takes to plan, acquire, design, build, remodel, and manage your portfolio of sites. Our modules enable you to effectively measure, manage, and monitor all aspects of your workflow including:

  1. Base System and Document Repository - Organize, store, track, and share documents and information for your sites
  2. Real Estate - Identify potential sites, follow customized approval process for proposed sites, and track key site information and projections
  3. Construction Workflow - Customize to your processes, including workflow, milestone tracking, dashboards, and cross-project roll-up reporting, and drill down to details
  4. Legal - Track legal details and status, including leases and contracts
  5. Lease Management and Abstract - Monitor lease financials and other key lease details, lease options, expirations, and maintenance responsibilities
  6. Financial Workflow - Manage budgeting, bidding, awarding of contracts via pay applications, change orders, purchase orders, and invoices
  7. Integration with Accounts Payable - Tie the USGN-based financial module with your AP solution with either a one-way or two-way integration
  8. Equipment - Assign asset and equipment tracking to specific sites, including costs, serial numbers, and warranties
  9. Site Audits - Conduct and track scheduled and unscheduled site audits and quality assurance surveys
  10. Facilities and Work Order Management - Submit, track, and complete service requests and preventive maintenance with notifications of upcoming warranty and service agreement expirations
  11. Franchisee Management Track and qualify from inquiry stage to signed contract

Lightning Strikes
News Updates


  • Our 2017 Annual Conference will be held October 24-25 at the Tempe Mission Palms in Tempe, AZ. The event will include a fun event and dinner on opening night, a full slate of presentations and meetings on Day 2, and nuts and bolts meetings for Admins the morning of Day 3. For details on hotel and conference registration, click here. If you are contemplating USGN as your cloud-based solution, this is a great venue to learn more about our platform, meet with our team, and spend some time with many of our key clients!

  • Our Webinars take place at 10:00 AM PST every 3rd Wednesday of the month. Mike Leathers leads and facilitates these key events in an “Open Mike” forum, with participants able to ask questions about various topics. Please sign up on our website to join Mike each month for an informative session.  
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