Capitol Update

March 17, 2023

Week Nine Recap

Pipeline Landowners 

On Wednesday, I had the privilege of welcoming some guests from my district to the Capitol for a discussion about the proposed Carbon Capture Pipeline. Many of them are landowners who would be affected by the pipeline. We enjoyed a helpful and constructive discussion with pipeline experts and other legislators! 

For more information on the Carbon Pipeline and my stance, visit this link.

Visitors from Oskaloosa

I enjoyed the opportunity to meet with the Stam family from Oskaloosa and surrounding areas.

Notable Bills Passed This Week

The following bills passed the House this week! These are some new developments that I thought would be interesting to some folks in my district. 

HF 610- Autism-Related Absences 

If passed, this bill will require public school policies to include excusing absences of students diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, if those absences are related to healthcare appointments or receive services like speech or behavior therapy. 

HF 340- Volunteer Service Recognition Program 

This bill would create a length of service award program fund for Iowa’s volunteer firefighters, first responders, and reserve peace officers. This program would be carried out by local municipalities. 

HF 656- Dental Compact 

This legislation opts Iowa in to be a part of the Inter-State Dental Compact. The compact establishes a system whereby dentists and dental hygienists licensed to practice in one member state may practice in another member state under a compact privilege without applying for a license in that state.

HF 603- Tire Purchases 

This bill would authorize volunteer emergency service providers in Iowa to purchase one set of tires per year at the “state rate” under the master tire contract with the Department of Administrative Services, giving them a discount. 

What are the different types of Legislation? 

There are several different types of legislation used in the Iowa Legislature. Some are able to survive the “funnel” deadlines (mentioned in last week’s newsletter), and some are not. 

Bill: subject to funnel deadline. 

A legislative proposal sponsored by an individual Representative or Senator or committee. 

Study Bill: exempt from funnel deadline.

A bill developed for committee consideration. If it passes committee, it will be renumbered as a regular bill. 

Resolution: exempt from funnel deadline. 

Formal expression of opinion or decision, acted upon by only one chamber (House OR Senate, not both.) 

Joint Resolution: exempt from funnel deadline. 

Acted on by both chambers, requires a majority vote by both chambers and by the Governor in select cases. May appropriate money, enact temporary laws, propose amendments to the Iowa Constitution, ratify amendments to the U.S. Constitution, or make requests to Congress. 

Concurrent Resolution: exempt from funnel deadline. 

Acted on by both chambers, requires a majority vote by all those present and voting. Used to express sentiment or relate to temporary legislative matters. 

The Bathroom Privacy Bill

This week, the House passed House File 622: the Bathroom Privacy Bill.

This bill gives schools guidance on bathroom and locker room requirements. The bill states that people may not use a multiple occupancy bathroom or changing area that does not correspond to the sex on their birth certificate in K-12 schools. It specifies that this applies to any locker room or changing area for extra curricular activities and for overnight trips.

The goal of this bill is to respect the privacy of all children at school. For decades we have separated bathrooms and locker rooms by biological sex.

However, I do understand that some children may not feel comfortable using the restroom or locker room that corresponds with their biological sex. This bill directs schools to make an accommodation for that child by providing a separate space for that child to use.

Accommodations absolutely should be made to keep that child safe and comfortable as they change or go to the bathroom. However, that accommodation should not have to come at the expense of the privacy of our other children.

This bill gives schools the guidance that many of them have asked legislators for to be able to maintain their bathroom policies and accommodate students when necessary.

Will this result in an unsafe environment for transgender students?

It’s important that we respect the privacy of every Iowa student and that every child has a safe place to change and use the restroom. This bill states that schools should provide an accommodation for these children so that they have a safe space to use that doesn’t come at the expense of other students.

Is this legislation really necessary?

We have heard from many Iowans who have kids that are very uncomfortable sharing a locker room and having to undress in front of someone of the opposite sex. The privacy of those students is well-worth passing a bill. Additionally, many legislators have heard from their school districts asking them for guidance on this issue. This bill allows schools to maintain their bathroom policies and accommodate students when necessary.

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