News from the Wisconsin Cancer Collaborative | August 2020
Get a virtual tour of the Wisconsin Cancer Plan 2020-2030
We are thrilled to announce the release of the Wisconsin Cancer Plan 2020-2030! Learn more in a member-wide webinar TODAY from 10-11 am.

The Wisconsin Cancer Plan offers a blueprint for action for everyone engaged in cancer control and prevention efforts. The Plan combines best practices, reliable data, and concrete action steps designed to reduce the burden of cancer in communities across Wisconsin.

Join us for a virtual tour of the new Wisconsin Cancer Plan, today from 10-11 am.
Mask mandate helps protect cancer patients
In response to rising cases of COVID-19, Gov. Tony Evers recently issued an emergency order requiring most Wisconsinites ages 5 and older to wear masks indoors.

The order, which expires Sept. 28, does not apply to private residences.

Emerging research shows COVID-19 is especially dangerous for cancer patients. In Wisconsin, almost 300,000 people are currently living with a cancer diagnosis.

An updated resource from the Wisconsin Cancer Collaborative, COVID-19 Policies and Cancer Patients, helps local governments and businesses understand how public health policies protect cancer patients and other vulnerable populations from the coronavirus.

We encourage you to share this handout with leaders and decision-makers in your communities.

New guidelines for cervical cancer screening from the American Cancer Society

Previous guidelines called for Pap tests (formally known as cytology testing) and co-testing (a combination of HPV testing and cytology testing). The new guidelines replace those screening methods with HPV testing alone.

Learn more about the new ACS guidelines and see how they differ from past recommendations, in a detailed article from Outreach Specialist Alexandria Cull Weatherer, MPH.

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Introducing the Wisconsin Cancer Plan 2020-2030

August 13
10-11 am

Join us as we unveil the Wisconsin Cancer Plan 2020-2030!

Learn what's new in the Wisconsin Cancer Plan and how it can help you increase your impact. Hear how fellow members use the Wisconsin Cancer Plan as a blueprint for action to guide their work.

Palliative Care
and Cancer

September 10
10-11 am

Palliative care is a critical, though sometimes overlooked, part of cancer care. Dr. Tim Jessick, chairperson of the Palliative Care Network of Wisconsin, will explain what palliative care is, how to have conversations about it, and why more cancer care providers should receive palliative care training.

What's new in our Resource Center
Cancer Survivorship Resource List
The Wisconsin Cancer Collaborative has compiled a list of survivorship resources designed to help health care providers and community partners looking to add or further incorporate cancer survivorship into their work.

COVID-19 & Cancer Social Media Tools
Our COVID-19 and cancer graphics help you raise awareness with your followers on social media. Choose from branded graphics that direct users to our COVID-19 and Cancer resource page, or download unbranded graphics and add your own logo and URL.

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Wisconsin Cancer Summit registration
Registration for the virtual 2020 Wisconsin Cancer Summit, Oct. 28-29, opens later this month! Watch your inbox for registration details, or contact Beth Brunner to learn more.

Listen for us on your favorite radio station!
Too many people have canceled or delayed cancer screenings during the COVID-19 pandemic. So we are teaming up with the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association to promote the importance of getting screened for cancer.

Listen for our public service announcements on your favorite radio station, and follow us on Facebook to share social media messages encouraging Wisconsinites to "stay safe, wear a mask, and get screened for cancer."