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Hamilton's Labour Force Information February 2023, Ramadan Kareem, ABEA: Career Pathways, Hiring In Hamilton, Happening in the Community: (Construction Career & Resource Fair, Computer Basics Level 1, Urban Indigenous Homeward Bound, Web Development or Data Science Program, Canada's Economy 3 Years After The Pandemic, and News: "The intersection between career development and happiness" and "Helping homeless single mothers grow their confidence and careers"

Labour Force February 2023

Review Hamilton's Labour Force Information for February 2023

Review Hamilton's Annual Labour Force Stats for 2022

Ramadan Kareem

Happy Ramadan #HamOnt!

Ramadan is observed by Muslims worldwide as a holy month of fasting, prayer, reflection and introspection.

Did you know – 37,980 or 6.8% of the Hamilton CD Population identified Muslim according to the 2021 Census of Population and 2,390 was the number of Hamiltonians who reported their cultural or ethnic origin as Muslim.

Workforce Planning Hamilton wishes everyone a joyous and prosperous month.

ABEA: Career Pathways

Looking for something new and innovative to help you attract and retain staff? We’ve got you covered!

Local employers, workforce planning boards, and adult literacy networks are working together to build a new online Career Pathways tool for employers and jobseekers. This innovative tool will promote in-demand, entry-level careers with opportunities for growth across Hamilton, Niagara, and Grand Erie. It will give job seekers information about jobs, skills, and training they may need. And there's a good chance that we'll include a job you're hiring for right now! By taking a short survey, you will help us to test the Career Pathways tool. Why participate in Career Pathways?

· It addresses labour challenges faced by your organization and the community by enabling you find and keep the right person, in the right job, with the right motivation.

We are looking to hear from employers in these sectors

· Construction

· Wholesale and Retail Trade

· Other Services

· Transportation and Warehousing

· Accommodations and Food Services

· Business, Building and Other Support Services

· Agriculture

· Education Check out the website & fill out the survey here:


Time commitment – 5 minutes to check out the tool, 15 minute survey

If you would prefer a live demo of the tool, email support@abea.on.ca.

Who's Hiring In Hamilton?

View WPH Job Board to explore more!

Community Living Hamilton is hiring for a Resource Consultant.

Click here to view job posting!

City of Hamilton is hiring a Community Health Bus Driver.

Click here to view job posting!

Shalem Mental Health Network is hiring a Wraparound Facilitator.

Click here to view job posting!

Happening In The Community!

Construction Career & Resource Fair

There's still time to register for the Construction Construction Career & Resource Fair! Don’t miss out on this chance to network and gain valuable insights into the construction industry.

Contact us for more information about the fair, and we hope to see you there!


Computer Basics Level 1

Hill Park Learning Centre is accepting registration for the Computer Basics Level 1 Course. Limited spots are available. Please see the attached flyers for specifics.


  • Do you have little to no experience using a computer? Our course is designed to build confidence while providing practical hands-on computer skills and knowledge. Learn the basic principles of using a computer with our FREE Computer Basics Level 1 Course.


  • Must be able to attend the course independently without the aid of a support worker
  • Participants are required to be 19 years of age or older (we can accept a small percentage of 18-year-old participants provided they are not attending high school)
  • Resident of Ontario
  • Have less than Grade 12 education OR
  • Be assessed as having to improve reading, writing, or math skills OR
  • Participants who are newcomers to Canada require a Canadian Language Benchmark Level 5 or 6 in Reading/Writing/Speaking/Listening (some Level 7's accepted)


All participants must pre-register prior to the start date. This will involve completing online registration forms and an assessment to confirm suitability (nothing scary). We offer assistance during this process.


Meaningful discussion is a hallmark of the Cornerstone Program. Everyone has a voice. We pride ourselves in providing an atmosphere of inclusion and strive to maintain a positive culture. Our courses typically attract an eclectic mix of people. As such, we require all potential learners to be open-minded and thoughtful towards others in the classroom.


To register for Computer Basics Level 1 please contact:

Vanessa Bryne (LBS Assessor & Instructor)

905-561-2190 ext. 4792


Urban Indigenous Homeward Bound

Urban Indigenous Homeward Bound (UIHB) Advisory Committee – Call for Members (HRIC Event):


UIHB is a 4-phase program for single Indigenous mothers who are interested in going to college. They support with various barriers to economic self-sufficiency.


UIHB is calling for women and 2-Spirit people from the community to be a part of the advisory committee as they are looking to fill 4 community seats. The advisory committee meets twice per year. Meetings are a chance for program staff to update committee members and have you provide suggestions, feedback, and ideas to improve the program as a whole. Dinner and transportation costs provided at each meeting.


Join them for dinner and a craft to learn more! This event will be held on Wednesday, March 29th at the Perkins Centre – Indwell located at 1429 Main Street E from 5pm to 8pm. If you are interested in becoming a committee member, please register for this event by emailing uihbnavb@hric.ca

Web Development or Data Science Program

Web Development or Data Science Program (Partnership between Mohawk College and Lighthouse Labs):


A tech career is for everyone, but in reality we understand that not everyone has the same access to quality education. To solve this we are very excited to share an incredible initiative with you, in partnership with Mohawk College, Lighthouse Labs is offering their $14,000 CAD Web Development and Data Science programs at no cost.


To support students in this training, they will also be able to take advantage of various wrap-around supports to help address barriers, with access to services such as, learning advisors, soft skills courses, career services, mental health supports, child care stipends and wage subsidies for graduates.


Anyone who lives in Southwestern Ontario, is welcome to attend an Information Session to learn more. A map is attached for reference to see what areas qualify as Southwestern Ontario.


Website: https://mohawkcollege.lighthouselabs.ca/


Join an Information Session to learn more about the fully funded programs with Mohawk College and Lighthouse Labs!


Register for an Information Session here (when you click on select a date, the full list of dates will pop up): bit.ly/3uzRr3J

Canada's Economy 3 Years After The Pandemic

Three years after COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, life in Canada has changed in many ways. Economic activity in Canada has proved resilient throughout the pandemic, as households and businesses adjusted to the enforcement and removal of public health restrictions. However, many of the social impacts of the pandemic, particularly those related to mental health challenges and substance use among younger Canadians, are still being felt.


The presentation "Research to Insights: A look at Canada's economy and society three years after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic", released March 9th, includes 10 charts that summarize some of the major economic and demographic shifts that are shaping the current economic and social situation.


The intersection between career development and happiness

On July 12, 2012, the United Nations made March 20 the International Day of Happiness to recognize the importance of happiness and well-being as universal goals and aspirations. Here are several resources that explore the intersection between happiness and career development.

Adaptability and Workplace Subjective Well-Being: The Effects of Meaning and Purpose on Young Workers in the Workplace (Canadian Journal of Career Development) [Paper]

This paper investigates the relationship between adaptability and meaning and purpose, and the role of adaptability in predicting workplace well-being for young workers (engagement, job satisfaction and work stress). Adaptability is shown as an important factor in well-being, and the results provide executives and career practitioners considerations to help young workers better adjust and be engaged in the workplace.

Authentic Happiness at Work: Self- and Peer-Rated Orientations to Happiness, Work Satisfaction, and Stress Coping (Frontiers in Psychology) [Research]

The authentic happiness theory covers three orientations to happiness. In the context of work, these are: pleasure or enjoyment with tasks, engagement with the work and striving toward doing something meaningful even if it is difficult. This research suggests having pleasure or finding enjoyment with the work is helpful for coping with work stress, while engagement and, to a lesser extent, pursuing something meaningful beyond oneself contribute to work satisfaction.

Read more here!

Helping homeless single mothers grow their confidence and careers

Any social services organization makes addressing barriers its mission. This is exactly how Homeward Bound was designed – a program launched by WoodGreen that supports homeless or inadequately housed single mothers to earn college diplomas, start careers and achieve financial self-sufficiency. The idea was to eliminate barriers for single mothers, so they have an opportunity to thrive. In reality, the program has done more than just removing barriers. The program evolved into a well-oiled machine, challenging women to embark on a more self-sufficient journey.

In a span of four years, a single mother-led family goes from homelessness, survival jobs and feeling helpless to a sustainable career path, increased confidence, stable housing and unlimited potential for multiplying their successes in future generations.

How does this evolution take place? Is it a magical potion that does this trick?

Maybe, but the ingredients of this potion are hard work, a strong network, clear structure with expectations and some good luck. The women create the magic by accomplishing one milestone at a time. Their transformation is gradual. As a result, we see “the proof in the pudding.” No one can take away their achievements. All we do is remove barriers and provide a SMART plan.

In this video, Homeward Bound frontline staff explain the foundational flow of the program and point out major barriers that are being addressed. Instead of describing how the program works, I would like to demonstrate how it makes a difference in the lives of participants.

Read more here!

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